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It has been months since we did a tag! (If you’re curious, our last tag that we posted went up in February). So it’s about time we answered some fun bookish questions! In a case of perfect timing, Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx created an original tag recently, which she tagged us in! This tag gives us the chance to discuss so many wonderful new and/or anticipated 2021 releases, so get ready to start adding books to your TBR! (Which is easy, since all the books are linked to Goodreads!)

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 A New Release You’ve Already Read


I’m actually quite proud of how many new releases I’ve already read this year! Almost half of the books I read this year were 2021 releases, while a good chunk of the rest of the books were 2020 releases! I chose to highlight these three in specific because I haven’t talked much about these three in any posts besides previous wrap ups.

The Ex Talk actually took me an embarrassingly long time to read. While I had a copy in January, I first read this book last month! Second First Impressions was an impulsive cover buy that I ended up reading the week that I purchased it! And Hana Khan Carries On was an anticipated read that I made sure to get to immediately. I’d highly recommend all three of these books!


50266871. sy475

Well I guess the technical question here is how new is a new release? I am woefully behind on books and ARCs and almost everything else in life, but! I did manage to squeeze in a few reads of books that came out within the past ~3 weeks or so. To be fair, yes, I did read OLS as an ARC last December, but I’m still counting it.

 A New Release That’s Already Come Out But You Haven’t Read Yet


You’re going to start noticing a trend where 99% of my answers are adult romances, and that’s because I’ve been gravitating towards them this year even more than I already did in the past! Because of that there have been a LOT of romances that I was anticipating this year, and The Dating Plan was one of them. I adore fake dating, and had this book pre-ordered since I was so excited, and then, here we are, three months later, and I haven’t read it. I am ashamed. But it is at the top of my TBR, so hopefully I’ll read it this summer!


48915408. sy475

SO MANY!! Okay, well first of all looking at this weeks releases alone. The Wolf and the Woodsman!! The publisher was kind enough to send me an ARC but 💀finals💀 prevented me from reading it. Project Hail Mary is another book that was recently (ish) released that I would love to read sometime soon.

 A New Release You Just Found Out About


So I kinda cheated with this answer because these are all 2022 releases! But I want to read these books so desperately, that I had to mention them in this tag one way or another! So allow me my fun, and I shall tell you why these books intrigue me!

Weather Girl is another Rachel Lynn Solomon book with an absolutely fantastic cover. That’s enough to sell me on that! Love & Other Disasters features competitors in a cooking show falling in love, which already sounds amazing, but since one of the love interests is non-binary, I cannot wait to read this book and plan on begging for an ARC as soon as they become available. Lastly, Love at First Spite follows a woman hell-bent on making her ex’s life hell and she soon falls in love for the person that is helping her with her plans! It just sounds like such a fun premise and I can’t wait to read it!


52641009. sy475

I may be being technical here because I didn’t just find out about this series, but I didn’t know that the new volume had come out already! So that was a fun discovery.

 A New Release You’re Excited About From One of Your Favorite Authors


Why pick one answer, when you can pick three! My first answer is a bit of a cheat, since I was lucky enough to get an ARC of The Heart Principle and have already read it. It’s mainly on here to get all of you to anticipate it! One Last Stop made the list because Red, White, & Royal Blue remains one of my favorite romances, and I need to pick up One Last Stop in the next few weeks or I’ll be really mad at myself! And I wanted to include Olivia Dade’s newest book on here because so far I’ve really enjoyed her books and I have the highest of hopes for All the Feels!


36307674. sy475

I try not to do favorite authors (except for Martha Wells, she is a goddess and all her books are perfection) so I’m going to list books from authors whose works I’ve enjoyed in the past! I’ve been looking forward to An Emotion of Great Delight for ages, but I have been seeing some negative feedback from Muslim reviewers, so that is definitely something I’m going to take into account if I end up reading it. If This Gets Out sounds really cute!! And based off of Sophie Gonzales’s previous work, it will be very cute.

 A New Release You’re Excited About From A New-To-You Author


At this point, what’s possibly my most anticipated release of 2021 (that I haven’t already read or received an ARC of) is The Love Hypothesis! I just cannot wait for this book so I can read about a woman in STEM falling in love! The Charm Offensive is one that I actually have a physical ARC of which means that I wanted this book enough to write an email to the publisher begging for a copy. (I actually begged the publishers for all three of these books, but this was the only one I was granted). Lastly, while I know most people have already read Alexis Daria’s first work, You Had Me at Hola, I haven’t read that one and so A Lot Like Adios will be my first book by this author once it’s released!



There are so many amazing new (to me) authors out there!! She Who Became the Sun and The Unbroken were both amazing and Shelley Parker Chan and C.L Clark now have my undying allegiance. I haven’t read it yet but The Witch King looks so good I cannot wait to become obsessed with it as well!

 A New Release You Have No Interest In


All of these three books are ones that I have no intention of reading at the moment. I’ve been disappointed by at least one book from each of these authors, and the premises don’t sound interesting enough to me to give them another shot with these newest releases. HOWEVER, these are all books that if I had nothing else to read, but these ones were available somehow, I’d pick them up. They’re just not books I’ll actively try to get my hands on and read.



It has been waaaay too long since the second book in this series came out. Besides for the fact that my reading is in a very different place now than it was 3 years ago when the Devil’s Thief came out, there is also the fact that hey, I remember nothing about this series. And hold no interest in ever finishing it.

 A New Release You Want To Pick Up Soon


This is another book that I was so excited for, I pre-ordered it. But of course, buying a book and reading said book are two totally different activities! This one is high up on my list, and will hopefully be another one of my summer reads! I genuinely think the biggest thing keeping me from reading this book immediately was how many review copies I needed to read, and other books that I was in the middle of. Since in a few days I should be (mostly) all caught up, that will give me the chance to read this one soon! Hold me to it!


51340378. sy475

Everything. I just want to be able to read everything. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I’m currently 8 books behind on my reading challenge? Possibly. But for the sake of being brief, I’m going to choose from 2021 releases that I currently have physical access to. I haven’t been reading much YA recently, and Ace of Spaces is my attempt at getting back into it! I love 99% of what Orbit publishes, so I obviously had to buy The Mask of Mirrors when it came out (around 6 months ago). I do really want to read it but it happens to be quite large, so oops. Lastly, Lost in the Never Woods sounds so good!! And I really enjoyed Cemetery Boys so of course I had to get it!

 A New Release That Hasn’t Come Out Yet But You Can’t Wait to Read!


This is the only YA book on this list, which already tells you how excited I am for it, since I haven’t been interested in most YA books this year. But first off, that cover! Obviously after seeing the cover I needed to check out the synopsis, which sounded wonderful. So now this book sits on my TBR as I wait for it to be released so that I can finally read this fantastic sounding book!



Look how pretty this isssss!! Fish! Also, The Light from Uncommon Stars is marketed as “Good Omens meets A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet” sooo needless to say, I’m excited.

 A New Release With An Amazing Cover


Honestly, I love just about every book cover I added to this post. The reason I picked this one in particular as my answer however, is I think that the color combination is beautiful and striking. I generally am not a fan of darker tones, but the deep purply red and the turquoise just calm me, and that neon yellow writing looks fantastic with the background covers. Basically, I’m obsessed with analyzing why this cover draws me in so much and therefore it was the obvious choice as my answer to this question.



I could stare at her forever, she’s just so pretty 😭😭

 Your Favorite New Release You’ve Read So Far This Year


This was probably the easiest question for me to answer. Out of all the romances I’ve read this year, this book has been the only one to get a full five stars from me. I adore this book with every fiber of my being, and know for certain it will make my favorites of the year list. If you haven’t already read it, I’m begging you to pick it up. It’s beautifully written, and just made me feel so seen! Plus, that cover is just too beautiful to resist!


53205854. sy475

As I mentioned before it’s really hard for me to pick favorites, with the exception of Martha Wells! Therefore I am picking Fugitive Telemetry as my fav new release of the year so far. I actually had like 8 different Goodreads tabs open and I was going to rant about all these different books, but this is easier, and I’m lazy.

We had so much fun answering this tag and we hope some of you will try it out too! If you’re reading this and want to answer these wonderful questions, consider yourself tagged!

What is your most anticipated release of 2021? Which new release do you think we need to pick up ASAP? Have you focused on new releases or backlist titles this year?


13 thoughts on “The New Releases Book Tag

  1. I’m mostly reading backlist books this year. But I do own People We Meet on Vacation, so I’m excited to read that soon. Also, I have lots of the books you guys mentioned on my TBR. I’m most excited to (eventually) read, Ace of Spades, Second First Impressions, and Honey Girl. Great post!


    1. Backlist books are great! Have you found any that you’ve loved?

      And, yesssss! I’m so excited for People We Meet on Vacation! I’ve heard such great things and the premise sounds like something I’d adore!

      Also, while they’re very different books, I thoroughly enjoyed both Second First Impressions and Honey Girl! I hope that you love both of those books as much as I did whenever you eventually get to them!

      Thank you!


  2. How did I not know Andy Weir had a new book out?! I need to read that immediately! 😂 Besides, I don’t think I’ve read a lot of new releases yet this year, so Project Hail Mary might be a good place to start…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aah, yes!! I saw it in Target and was like YESSSS this shall be a good book (hopefully 😂). I hope you enjoy it if you decide to read it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I also cannot wait for She Who Became the Sun and The Unbroken! I just started listening to Lost in the Never Woods, and so far it is really good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are both so good!! Oooh, yay!! I can’t wait to read Lost in the Neverwood, I’m hoping to read a lot this month because I’m behind on my Goodreads challenge, and hopefully I’ll be able to get to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I really really love Honey Girl – hands down my favourite new release of the year!! I’m also so excited to read One Last Stop!
    She Who Became The Sun and The Unbroken are also very high on my list because sapphics 🤩


    1. I always love finding other people that adore Honey Girl as much as I did! That book took me by surprise in the best way possible! And I’m excited to read One Last Stop as well! Maybe I should try incentivizing myself to read my backlist ARCs, by telling myself I can read One Last Stop as a reward? Hmmm, but then I may never get to One Last Stop! 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG Chana, Project Hail Mary is so good! I hope you enjoy it!

    And yes Malka, I’m so excited for People We Meet on Vacation! I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet!

    Liked by 1 person

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