February 2021 Reading Wrap Up

It’s March! AKA We’ve finally come back to the beginning of the apocalyptic loop that was set off last year. Will we finally escape from the daily disasters or will we continue suffer due to conditions we can’t control? Who knows. Definitely not us. But what we do know are the books that we read this month! As usual all covers link to Goodreads, and we’d love to hear what you guys read this month too!

Books Read:


I’m actually quite impressed with myself for finishing 6 books this month! For the past few weeks I’ve been in quite an intense slump, which doesn’t seem to be getting much better, so really reading any amount of books is a success for me. But on top of the quantity of books I read, 5 out of the 6 books were books I had purchased within the past 3 months! That makes me feel better about my rather large hauls these past few months. At least I’m reading the books I buy! (Even if I still am neglecting my more backlist titles. Ooops!)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you’ve read my review of Honey Girl you’ll understand the depth of my love for this book! I adored every aspect of it! In fact, I loved it so much that I’m currently hosting an Instagram giveaway where someone will win a copy of their own!

As for In Love Pajamas, I’m always on the lookout for cute comic collections, and this one was just perfect! If you’ve read and enjoyed Soppy (another favorite of mine) then I’d highly recommend checking this one out too!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

These are two very different books, but I really enjoyed my time reading both of them. Dragon Hoops is a non-fiction graphic novel about the high school basketball team at the school where Gene Luen yang used to work. I don’t even watch basketball, and yet I found myself completely immersed in the story! It was fantastic and I’d definitely recommend trying it out if it sounds remotely interesting to you (or even if it doesn’t!)

Duke I’d Like to F… is another romance anthology, but thankfully I enjoyed this one a lot more than last month’s! My favorite story was Sierra Simone’s, but the rest of them were all pretty great! I’m now on the hunt for my next romance anthology, so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Both of my three stars this month were romances. Both of them were perfectly fine reads, but were forgettable and nothing that I loved. I probably will continue with the Bergman Brothers series though, since those books seem to work perfectly for me even when I’m slumping. And when I’m slumping, I’d rather read a three star book then not be able to read at all.


I read 8 books this month! This signifies the start of a slide backwards into being behind on my reading challenge 😌 Did I expect it to happen so early in the year? Absolutely. We start the year strong in this house. Of the 8 books I read, I really enjoyed a lot of them! So yayyy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. This book was just dafadkafjdlshda. I mean mostly the ending. But also the whole thing. I’ve been very iffy with this series so far, because I liked the first one, despised the second one, but this one was just insane. I can’t wait to read the fourth one! May can’t come soon enough.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Of my four star reads Piranesi and American Panda were my favorites! They’re very different books, but both fantastic.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
53317495. sy475

I really liked Fireheart Tiger, but I just wish it would have been longer! I feel like there was so much more you could’ve learnt about the characters, and I understand that it’s a novella, but I just hope Aliette De Bodard writes a full length novel soon!

It took me so long to finish The Name of All Things. I hated the first half of it (which is a considerable amount seeing as there are 589 pages) but the second half was so good?? That’s why it gets the three stars. Because the first half was 2 stars but the second was 4.

Books Acquired:


After last month’s excessive haul, I’m happy to report that this month I was a lot more reasonable about the amount of books that I acquired. Not only that but I’ve read a few of the books, I’m in middle of a few, and I’m excited to get to the rest!


This is quite the eclectic mix of books, and honestly, I have no real explanation. I started Elatsoe in January, and was enjoying it, but then my reading mood shifted, and soon it was time to return my copy to the library. Now that I have a copy of my own, hopefully I can finish it soon!

Not Your Sidekick was purchased on a whim, and I’m honestly still not certain about this purchase. I think I’ll give it a try, but I’m definitely going to keep myself from making such impulse purchases in the future!

And of course, I preordered a copy of Honey Girl for myself! I adored this book, and I needed a physical copy to grace my shelves!


My poetry collection has grown again with my acquisition of Soft Magic! And of course, you’ve already heard me gush about In Love and Pajamas.


I won this book through Libby Hubscher’s Instagram Live series Meet Me in Pajamas. I’ve actually already started it, as I predicted in our most recent tag, and so far I’m really enjoying myself! I’ve even laughed out loud at several points!


I bought waaaaaaay too many books this month. It was one of those, ooh there’s a slight sale, IMMA BUY months.


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40769579. sy475

I’m really excited about all of these!! Although I am a bit behind on my reading schedule I’m hoping to have reviews for Desolation and Unbroken sometime this month, so be sure to look out for that!


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48915408. sy475

More books that I can’t wait to read!!

Things We Did:


I survived my first month of school everyone! I made it out alive! Of course March is the month of midterms, so it’s only going to get more draining from now on, but still!


I….did basically nothing of note? Schoolwork, sadness, schoolwork etc. I did get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine a few days ago, so that was really exciting!! I’m definitely going to try and be more interesting and productive in future wrap-ups (maaaybe I say this every month, but so what?).

How was your month? Did you do anything exciting? What was your best read?


15 thoughts on “February 2021 Reading Wrap Up

  1. I’m the fIrst person to like and comment!!! yaay!!I have exams in like 2 months, I think- it’s all online, and I’m not even ready… I think all of my best reads this month were just webtoons, and your blog posts 🤩 🤩, they’re absolutely hilarious, and wonderful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gaaah, exams are the worst!! Good luck!! Ooooh, what webtoons have you been reading? Awww thank you 🥺🥰 I hope you have a wonderful March!


      1. exams are the work of the devil oof- I like to read all types of webtoon- ghost theatre, remarried Empress, stalker X stalker- there’s so many! I hope you have a nice March too<3

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ahh it’s so weird to think that it’s been a year since quarantine?!! what is time lmao 😭😭😭 i’m so glad you both were able to enjoy most of the books you read, and ahh i hope you enjoy the space between worlds, chana! i finished it a few days ago and it was so good 💖 hope you both have an amazing march 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right!! It feels SO WEIRD and just absolutely insaaane 😭😭 Aaah, I started it and it’s so interesting so far! I’m still at the very beginning but I can’t wait to get more into it. Thank you!! I hope you’ve been having a great March!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You both had such a great reading month! I’ve been seeing Honey Girl around so much that it’s gotten me super excited to pick it up. Maybe I’ll give the audiobook a try soon 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It seems like I’m reading less and less each month, so looking back and seeing that I read 6 books in a month is a good reminder that my reading slump is temporary and will probably disappear once I’m finished with my semester!

      Yess! I’m always so happy when I find other people that loved Honey Girl! That’s exactly how it made me feel as well! It made me feel so seen, and the writing was so immersive and beautiful! It was one of those cases where the book wasn’t what I expected, but I was loving it too much to care!

      Liked by 1 person

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