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A few months ago I posted on our Instagram about multiple editions. I’ve also broached this topic a bit when I posted a picture of my 7 editions of Fangirl. (I now have 8). But an Insta post is not the place to go in depth, for that I require a full length blog post. And so here I am, ready to talk about multiple editions, what it takes for me to buy them, and why I own 8 copies of 1 book.

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Any non-bookish person when they hear about my multiple copies

It may look like I’m crazy, having so many multiple editions, but really there’s a method to the madness. Besides for my Fangirl craziness, when I say multiple editions, it usually means I have a second copy. And I actually have very few multiple editions.

In order for me to but a second edition it needs to satisfy two conditions. Number one, it needs to be a book I loved. Or at least enjoyed. That means that I only acquire second copies of 4 or 5 star books, which limits the pool of books drastically. The second is that it needs to be a different edition than the one I currently own. This means that I count arcs and finished copies as separate editions. I also love exclusive covers, especially when they totally change up the design, and not just the color.

Although, looking at my shelves I don’t have that many multiples. I probably have less than 10 books that have multiples on shelves that hold over 330 books. That’s a tiny little fraction in the grand scheme of things. But that’s not to say I don’t want more. I just have a very hard time spending money on a book I already own, which is why my two rules stand.

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Fangirl is a bit of an outlier because of how much I adore that book. I’ve read it in full multiple times, and at first I allowed that to be my excuse to buy a new edition. I told myself that as long as I read the book in the new edition, I could justify my purchase. I gave up on that rule after I acquired 3 separate editions in one year. Now I just rely on the fact that it is an ultimate favorite, and I can therefore have as many copies as I’d like. Which is exactly how I’ll justify buying my ninth copy, the paperback edition with the stained green pages.

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How about you? Do you own multiple copies of the same book? Do you have rules in place for when you do? How many copies of one book is too many copies?


14 thoughts on “Buying Multiple Editions

  1. I think the only books I own multiple editions of are the Harry Potter books, if we aren’t counting having both the ebook and a physical copy. There are definitely some special editions of books I want though that I already own, but I always tell myself that I could buy a book I haven’t read with that money.
    Although I’m not sure if that’s really a good way of looking at it: at least if you’ve read the book you already know you love it. Whereas with a book you haven’t read, you might end up buying a book you don’t like.

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    1. Oooh, I didn’t even think about books I own in both physical and e-book form. My numbers go up a bit if you include those.

      And I totally agree with you! I don’t tend to buy very many books in general, for fear that I won’t like them. Instead I get them from the library. But that means I rarely buy books I’ve read, even if I loved it. I guess I’m all or nothing. I won’t buy just any book, but if I love a book I’ll buy as many as I can justify!


  2. I think the only series I own multiples of is HP because I’ve been buying the illustrated editions, which I just can’t resist. Oh, then I do have some books that I have both ARCs and finished copies (I would keep the ARCs if it’s a book I really loved). But I totally get the desire to buy multiple versions of if it’s a book you love. I might be even more tempted if I didn’t think my husband would kill me if I started buying more than one copy. 🙂

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    1. It’s funny because I rarely buy myself books. I kind of think I’m more likely to buy a second edition or a finished copy if I’ve loved an arc, than I am likely to buy a book I have never read before. I think I like the certainty that I know I enjoyed the book and that it is worthy of my money.


  3. I don’t really buy physical books, so no multiple editions here. I think I am too practical for something like that. I have to see the use of spending money on something, and I just couldn’t justify having more than one copy of the same book. Though, I do think they look nice together, and if they make someone happy, they should do what works for them.

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    1. I definitely hear that. I think I allow myself this indulgence because I don’t buy very many books in general. And if I’ve already gotten one copy free from a publisher or as a present, I don’t feel bad buying another copy for myself since it’s my first time actually buying that book for myself. Of course, my Fangirl obsession is the exception to my usual logic 😂

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  4. I cannot tell you how many editions of The Hunger Games series I have because I cannot even count! They’re currently packed away, but off the top of my head…. at least 14? And some in languages I cannot even read! Other than those, there aren’t really many books I have duplicates of- unless I LOVE an international edition, but then I usually ONLY buy the international one? I’ve hung onto a precious few ARCs that I also have finished copies of, but those are mostly ride-or-die authors, like Neal Shusterman, Patrick Ness, Lauren Oliver, Mindy McGinnis… I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the ARC but I also *had* to support my faves!


    1. Honestly, that sounds wonderful to me. If a book is your fave why not throw all your money at it?? Thankfully for my wallet I believe there’s only one Fangirl in the English language that I’m missing, but after that I’m going to have to start my search for the foreign language editions.

      I don’t think I have very many international editions. I like getting US editions because they get arrive faster. I usually buy international copies when the book isn’t printed in the US.

      I’ve kept all the ARCs I’ve read, I believe. But I don’t tend to buy the finished copy as well because I feel like I already have the exact same book, so there’s no need to buy another. The only exception is if I only got an eARC, in which case I have an easier time convincing myself I need a physical copy if it was an ARC that I loved!


  5. I’m 100% guilty of having multiple copies of books!

    I own the most of The Darkest Minds series (of which I’m guilty of owning two different editions of the whole four-book series, three copies of the first, and two copies of the companion). My other multiple copies were either obtained from book signings or autographed copies from the bookstore that I just clearly didn’t have enough will power to walk away from.

    Multiple editions are so fun to own! It’s almost as if, within our whole book collection, we can have collections of one particular story. It’s also just makes me feel like I’m supporting my favorite authors that much more.

    Loved this post, by the way!

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    1. Oh wow! That’s quite the collection! I’m very impressed!

      And I totally agree with what you said about multiple editions. Building up my collection of books I love is a wonderful feeling! And supporting my favorite authors in the process definitely doesn’t hurt!

      Thank you!

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  6. I actually have a few multiple copies! Most of the ones I have were gifted to me or I saw at a book sale! For example, I have a paperback and a hardcover of my favorites. I also have books in different editions! It’s nice collecting multiples!


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