Review of The Art of French Kissing

The Art of French Kissing

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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Let me start by saying that I was super excited for this book when I first heard about it. As you probably know already, I’m a sucker for cute fluffy romances, and this seemed to be a book I’d be sure to enjoy. It promised a cooking competition, a hate-to-love romance, and the cover promised macarons, which only helped to increase my excitement.

And while the synopsis was entirely accurate, there were 2 factors that completely destroyed my enjoyment of this book. The first was the lesser of the two evils. The writing in this book was very simplistic, and very conversational. When I blog, many times I use a conversational tone, but I am aware that there are times where my writing needs to be a bit more professional. The writing in this book didn’t feel polished to me. There were many sentences that would…. well, that would look something like…. like this, actually. Lots of ellipses, lots of repetition, and not much complexity to the writing. There also were way too many mentions of raised or arched eyebrows for such a short (256 page) book. Of course, I read an ARC, so it’s possible there were some changes before the book was published, but the copy I read had writing that frustrated me at times.

The second factor that ruined the book for me was the main character. I didn’t like her, and I certainly didn’t root for her. In fact, I had to put this book down for 2 months when I first started reading this book because of how STUPID she was. She initiates and perpetuates a rivalry into eternity, and never once takes responsibility for her actions or admits she was to blame. Instead she plays the victim card over and over again, when in reality she caused 99% of her problems.

Because the main character was so unlikable, I had a very hard time enjoying the romance aspect, which was very sparse indeed. The main character refuses to admit that she likes him for most of the book, and continues to fight with him and make both their lives miserable even after they get together. She’s selfish and makes a terrible romantic interest. I honestly don’t know what Reid, the love interest, saw in her to love.

With that being said, these are issues that are subjective. If you’re ever in the mood of a book that features cooking and sabotage all day long, you need to look no further. But if you’re looking for a cute culinary romance, I’d suggest you look elsewhere.

Have you read this book? Do you have suggestions for books with a similar premise that I might enjoy?


12 thoughts on “Review of The Art of French Kissing

  1. Lovely review! ❤ I'm so sorry to hear you didn't love that one. I've read mixed reviews for it so far and it makes me sad, that premise was so promising… but well, when you just can't stand the main character, it makes the read soooooo painfully slow and annoying at times, I get that ahah. I hope your next read will be better! ❤

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  2. it’s always such a bummer when something we’ve looked forward to for so long doesn’t meet with our expectations. I do enjoy the ‘character is her own worst enemy’ trope, but it has to be done just so. The cover is really cute, though!

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  3. Aw no this is so disappointing! I actually have this one to read but I have to be in the right mood for fluffy romances. I was hoping it’d have lots of delicious foodie descriptions though to counterbalance it, but like if the main character isn’t very winning, then it makes a book hard to root for!

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    1. I was pretty upset by it, not gonna lie. But this does deliver on the food aspect! The entire backdrop is a cooking competition after all, and so there’s a description of a different dish in practically every chapter! I hope you end up enjoying it when you read it, even if I didn’t!


  4. I saw the cover, with the macarons, and I got excited because … macarons. But then I read your review and kept audibly saying, “Oh no. Oh noooo.”

    I’m sorry this one didn’t work out for you, Malka! I would expect a certain level of writing quality from a book, too. Also, ellipses in general break up a text in a weird way. As a write/editor I would be wary of encouraging their use? I know I used one before, I’m not writing a book, haha.

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    1. Right!?! The macarons make it look amazing! And the food competition premise sounded so good! It was quite disappointing.

      I’m okay with simplistic writing, but sometimes the style just doesn’t work for me. And the ellipses really drove me insane because they’d fragment the sentences in weird ways. I’m also a bit surprised that they were there and really want to check a finished copy to see if that was changed before the book was published.

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