How Do You Choose Your Rating?

Ratings and reviews are probably one of the biggest topics in the online bookish community. Should you trust reviews? Are ratings as important as reviews? More important? Should ratings have half stars? Do you need to review every book you read? All of these are great questions, but I don't think there will ever be … Continue reading How Do You Choose Your Rating?

Non-Fiction For the Newly Acquainted

Today we have a little something different on the blog! Recently a conversation transpired between me and my friend Ahuva, who is a fellow biomedical engineering student. After talking about the classes we're taking, Ahuva mentioned some great non-fiction books that she felt could be a stand-in for particular subjects we've taken in the past. … Continue reading Non-Fiction For the Newly Acquainted

A User Guide to NetGalley //Featuring Tips & Tricks Galore

Most reviewers out there have discovered the joys and disappointments that come with having a NetGalley account. Whether you're new to this reviewing thing and need some guidance or have been requesting books for several years now, today's post is about all the things I wish I knew when I started out, and all the … Continue reading A User Guide to NetGalley //Featuring Tips & Tricks Galore