About Us


Malka is happiest when she gets to write paragraphs about herself in the third person. However, she also takes joy in reading cute and fluffy books that she then rants and raves about to all those within hearing distance. This blog is a way to give all those poor people a break. If Malka isn’t reading she’s probably doing something else bookish related like stalking Bookstagram or researching author events. On the rare occasions when she has her head out of a book, Malka can be found raiding her kitchen for baked goods and gummy bears. She loves learning random facts and tries not to let school get in the way of her education. As you can tell, Malka is not that interesting and will, therefore, end her bio here.



Chana doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach, or any type of remotely physical activity. She’s far too busy sitting in one place and reading to be able to do any of that “exercise” stuff. Chana likes books with anti-heros, suspense, and just a smidge of well-placed violence. She also likes writing opinionated reviews about said books, which is probably what led her to co-author this blog. Though normally found dormant or curled up like a dragon around her hoard of books, Chana can be drawn out of hiding by the simple promise of treats.