Review of Scout Is Not a Band Kid

Book:  Scout Is Not a Band Kid by Jade Armstrong

Source: I received a copy from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Publisher: Random House Graphic

Release Date: April 5th, 2022

Pages: 272

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By now it’s no secret how much I adore graphic novels. And when I saw the cover for this particular graphic novel on NetGalley, I just knew it was going to be great, so I of course requested it! Then life happened, and for whatever reason, I didn’t pick up any graphic novels for a few months while life was busy. But this book was constantly on my mind, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the first books I picked up as soon as finals were over. And I’m happy to report that I ADORED this book!

Scout Is Not a Band Kid follows Scout, who desperately wants to meet her favorite author at a signing. She thinks there’s no chance of that happening, until she finds out that the school band is going to the same festival that the signing is taking place at. So Scout does the obvious thing. She pretends she knows how to play an instrument in order to get into band and meet her favorite author. No biggie! What ensues is hijinks, hilarity, and heartwarming moments!

Like I mentioned, I had a feeling from the cover as well as the premise that this book would be a fun one. But my gosh, it was funny! There were little background elements and details that the author obviously added in just to have fun, as well as complete scenes that had me cracking up from the way it was written. I actually stayed up later than I normally would just so I could read the story from start to finish in one sitting, because I was having such a great time.

However, beyond being funny, this book also very much dealt with themes of friendship in all forms. Toxic friendships, internet friends, making new friends – this book had it all! Most of it was relatively subtle, which I appreciated, but the friendships and their importance were definitely the forefront of this story.

Of course, as this is a graphic novel, I’m going to take a moment to comment on the art style. But I don’t have to take too long, because I simply adored it. I loved the clean lines, the coloring, the little details, basically I loved this graphic novel!


If it wasn’t already obvious, I gave this book 5 stars. I loved the art, the themes, the humor. There’s absolutely nothing about this book I’d want to see changed! I really hope that other graphic novel lovers will pick this one up soon and love it just as much as I did!

What’s the last book that made you laugh? What’s the last graphic novel you picked up? Do you play an instrument?


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