April 2022 Reading Wrap Up

Hello! Today I’m here with a 3 week late April Wrap Up! Lots has happened in the 6 weeks since I last posted, but essentially, I’ve been so busy that my entire focus has been on school and school alone. You’ll see that I haven’t read much because of this, but I still wanted to let you all know what happened in April! And I’m very hopeful that I’ll be back to posting semi-regularly within the next week or two! But now without further ado, let’s talk about some books!

Books Read:

In April, I only managed to read 3 books. I thought I would read much more, since I had a week of Spring Break to enjoy, but I honestly spent most of that sleeping and chilling to recover from the exhausting weeks that preceded it!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was the first book I read in April, and boy was it a heavy one. Don’t let that bright cover, or the cute synopsis fool you, this one is a tear jerker for sure. However, despite my typical preference for cute and fluffy books, there was something about this story that I really enjoyed! The book kept me hooked throughout and made me feel some very strong emotions, so I’d honestly recommend it to those who are fully aware of the emotional toll this story might have on you!

TL;DR: Not a romance, but I still enjoyed it!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Since I enjoyed Libby Hubscher’s debut so much, I decided to go straight into her newest book, since I still wasn’t in the mood of a romance at that moment. (I know, that shocked me too!) Sadly, I didn’t enjoy this book as much. It was mainly about infidelity and infertility and the main character was a bit of a mess, and takes way too long to recognize that. So three stars it was.

Then, late in the month I picked up A Brush With Love, and unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with this one as well. I didn’t mesh with the characters or the mental health representation, and I really disliked the main characters friends. Honestly, at this point I’ve forgotten a good chunk of it as well, which is also pretty telling.

Books Acquired:

Although I didn’t read much in April, I did still acquire quite a few books! I am proud to report that there is no NetGalley section for this month however, because I had self restraint, and did not request a single new book!


The first three books mentioned here were all part of one purchase from Bookshop.org that I made to ensure I’d have what to read over Spring Break. This is when I was still young and foolishly hopeful that I’d have the energy to read that week.

I picked up Amor Actually because I had my eye on it for a while. It’s a collection of romance short stories, and currently my plan is to read one or two stories a week until I finish it. Dead Collections was one that got recommended to me in some bookish related email or another, and since it actually sounded great, I decided to pick it up. (Do I still remember what it’s about? No. Am I still excited? Yes!) And I had seen Legends & Lattes around, and it sounded like the perfect book for me to read to branch out in terms of genre! Fantasy but chill sounds amazing!

Lastly, my pre-order of Chef’s Kiss arrived about 2 weeks early! I’m still a bit annoyed that I didn’t pick it up early, but oh well! Life happens!


I was conflicted about whether or not to list this one. I purchased a copy from Pango, since I was interested. But then I picked it up over spring break and decidedly did not like the humor. So I unhauled it in the very same month. Does it still count as one of my 5 purchases for the month? Who knows! But I figured I’d mention it just in case!

Things I Did:

I feel a bit weird writing this section because a lot has happened, just most of that took place in May. So you’ll have to wait at least a few more days until you hear some more exciting news that happened.

But I did have a really nice spring break, which I feel is worth mentioning! My family went away to a beach house in Virginia for about a week, and that was really fun. It was so nice to just take walks in the sand and collect some seashells and such. My friend Ahuva, who you may remember from her post about non-fiction, also joined us for a few days, and accompanied me on the 14 hour drive back home!

I also was adamant that I would not leave without making a sandcastle, and so I made one with Ahuva’s help! Look how beautiful it is! I’m quite proud!

Ahuva and I also visited an art museum in Norfolk where I absolutely lost my mind over the beautiful glasswork that was on display! As a memento, I purchased two cute miniature glass animals. A tiny rat and a walrus with two different sized tusks!

Beyond that, I can’t remember much else of note that happened in April! So I guess that means it’s time to wrap up this wrap up!

What do you remember from April? Are you a fan of the beach? Do you tend to read on vacation? What have I missed in the weeks I’ve been gone?


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