Do I Prioritize Blogging?

Today’s post is definitely going to be an interesting one, especially as it had interesting origins. You see, yesterday I finished with all my final assignments, exams, papers, and presentations. Yes, you read that right! I only have one more semester to go as an undergraduate. But because it was finals season, I haven’t been really active, and so as soon as finals ended I had the urge to just write a blog post! To finally do something I enjoy, and love, and have missed working on for the past few weeks. And while I had plenty of discussions that I could have fleshed out and posted, I just couldn’t get myself to write them. I felt that I had to justify my absence in some way. Which is weird, so I wanted to discuss that feeling.

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There are many different times where it’s necessary to take a break from blogging, whether that’s because you’re going to be super busy, or you’re creatively burnt out, or even just that you have another hobby you want to focus on for a while. And all of those reasons are valid. Of course they are. Wouldn’t you agree? So why then do bloggers feel that it’s so important to announce every absence and to make apologizes for leaving? Not only that, many times people not only apologize before they leave, they apologize when they return. And since I was about to do the same thing, I took a good look at why I had that urge.

What I think it comes down to, is that when you blog, you have an audience. And you want to communicate and be transparent with said audience. I mean, at least I do! So I have no problem with the idea of announcing a hiatus or a return. It’s the apology that gets to me. Whenever I take a break, it’s because I need one. Usually I have too many things to juggle and blogging falls by the wayside. And I think that’s why I feel the need to apologize. Because it may seem like blogging isn’t my priority, and therefore all the relationships I have with everyone who follows me and everyone I normally interact with aren’t important to me. But I’m realizing that my logic on this matter is a bit flawed.

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Because yes, when finals are happening, I value my education more than my blog. And when my mental health is floundering, I do whatever I need to do to get it in a better state, even if it results in me not creating content or responding to comments for some time. But yet, I keep coming back. Blogging may never be my number one priority, but it is still a priority. Because I can spend my free time doing many things, but I choose to come back to my blog and the relationships I’ve formed through this platform, time and time again.

So from now on I’m going to try to take a new approach. I will not apologize for needing to step away at times. This post is my way of telling all those of you that read this that I value you and I prioritize this platform. I’ll be sure to communicate when I know I’ll be away, but in return, I hope that you wait for me to come back. Because I will.

Where does blogging fall in your list of priorities? Do you think taking a break means you don’t prioritize your blog?


19 thoughts on “Do I Prioritize Blogging?

  1. In answer to your question: taking a break from something doesn’t mean it’s not important to you. It means just that: you needed a break.
    It’s nice that you’re being so transparent with us readers without being apologetic. Blogging should be something you enjoy, not an unwanted pressure. If part of that means stepping away at times, we’ll be waiting 🙂

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    1. It sounds so simple when you put it that way, yet it never seems that simple in my own head when I need the break.

      I enjoy being transparent, and I appreciate when others take the time to reflect that same honesty. Blogging is definitely something I enjoy, but you’re right, it can be a pressure at times as well. Thank you for supporting me no matter what! 💕


  2. I do announce hiatus and take unexpected breaks. While I explain why I was away I never apologise for being away. It’s something I has to do. I appreciate all readers who follow me and I have formed some kind of friendship with some readers but I think this is something everyone gets and there never is need to ask forgiveness. I mean it’s not crime to take break and it definitely doesn’t make blog less important for adjusting priorities for time being.

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    1. You’re definitely right. I just feel that this year I’ve taken more breaks than ever before combined with very little posting and interacting and it’s making me feel a bit bad. But it’s important for me to remember that hobbies are something I’m supposed to enjoy, which means taking a break when blogging would just be more stress than fun!

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  3. YAS! I love this post so much. I also constantly find the need to apologize for being gone. But when I started my blog, I started it for me, not other people. I need remind myself of that constantly. It’s a plus that people like what I create and follow along but I still have to remind myself that I’m still blogging for me and not other people and that’s okay. 🙂

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages

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    1. Thank you! It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way! But that’s exactly it! This blog is something I enjoy, so if it’s causing more stress than happiness, why should I apologize for taking a step back? I think part of it is that I want to be blogging, or that I have ideas I wish I could post at the time, but I just need to remind myself that my breaks are temporary and I’ll be back whenever I’m ready!

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  4. I love this post! It really follows the same line of thinking I’ve had lately where I stopped feeling guilty or bad for not blogging as often as I might have once and value the time I take away from it. I don’t always feel like blogging and that’s okay ❤ Great post!!


  5. I can definitely relate to this, we all need to prioritize what is important in our lives. I personally prefer letting my audience know because I am a believer in transparency and want my audience to be aware I plan on coming back and the break is only temporary. I have seen too many bloggers just disappear and never return. Which if it’s right for them then that’s valid, I just know it happens often and my blogging career is everything to me even when I need to take the occasional break from it.

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    1. I think prioritization is super important, especially as a blogger. It’s super hard to get everything done at once, and some times you need to pick and choose what to focus on at that moment.

      And I definitely agree that I prefer when bloggers announce their hiatuses, and I try to do that myself as well. However, I never want any blogger to feel guilty for their need to take a break or to feel as though they need to apologize for taking a step back. It’s always heartbreaking when bloggers just disappear without a trace, so I hope I never do that, but I truly don’t know where life will bring me next, so I can’t make any promises. There have been times where I took a week or two off without planning or notifying anyone, and I’ll probably do it again. But like you, I care about my blog, and have always returned as soon as I could!


  6. Oh I can relate to this so much. There’s this urge to apologize whenever you’re going away, or taking an unplanned hiatus, missing a posting day or anything like that and… I don’t know why I feel that way. Most likely because I feel like people are waiting on me and would be disappointed in me if I don’t warn them? Yet, I also feel like, while, when you can and want to warn your audience, it’s all good, when you can’t warn them or just aren’t in the right headspace to even want to blog anymore… it should be okay, too. We always come first! ❤

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    1. Yes, yes, yes! Why do I need to apologize?? This is my blog and I’m posting and interacting for myself! I understand being consistent and all, but I feel sometimes like I’ve taken the idea of being consistent just a tad too far!

      I think the balance I’m going to strive for is to warn people when I’m taking a planned hiatus, but if I need to take a random break, I’ll just do it even if it happens to come without a warning!

      Like you said, it’s important to take care of ourselves and make sure we’re putting ourselves first!

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  7. This is FABULOUS because I know I am guilty of, well, feeling too guilty! Like- I keep profusely apologizing every month, and frankly, there is no actual way for me to make any more time for blogging unless I straight up stop sleeping. So, why am I apologizing!? Idk. I hate feeling like I let anyone down by not blog hopping, I guess? By not making sure I respond to everything (even though it isn’t choice, but circumstance)? Idk but I am going to try to follow in your footsteps and cool it with the “sorry”s!

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    1. It genuinely makes no sense once you stop and think about it. If you’re over-extended, good for you for setting boundaries and not working yourself to exhaustion over a hobby! That’s absolutely nothing to apologize for!

      I definitely feel you about feeling like you’re letting people down by not blog hopping, but what I keep reminding myself is that just because I don’t have time that week/month/season, doesn’t mean that I can’t go back when I have the time and catch up on all the posts if I want to. Plus, every blogger has to take breaks at some point. We all recognize the importance of taking care of ourselves, so there really is no need to apologize!

      I’m glad you’re joining me on this mission of less sorries! Hopefully it helps us both feel less guilty when life gets in the way of us being able to spend time on this hobby we love!


  8. i love this, malka!! it’s exactly how i feel. i’ve been so on and off with my blogging this past year, and i feel terrible about promising content and never delivering, but i don’t feel sorry about having to take time off to focus on my bigger priorities. like you i realized i need to stop apologizing for disappearing because it’s just life and blogging is a hobby that i can’t prioritize as much as my education. but i definitely still struggle to stop apologizing about breaking my promises (perhaps i’ll just stop making promises lmao 😭)

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    1. Thank you, May! I’m always so happy when other bloggers can relate to whatever I’m discussing on a given day. I feel like a lot of bloggers have been struggling with wanting to post or blog hop or just interact more, and then feeling guilty when things get in the way of that. But life happens, and people understand that. And you’re completely right that blogging can’t be your number one priority.

      It’s so interesting to me seeing how much more blogging I’ve done in the few weeks that I’ve been off from school! The amount of ideas, the time spent blog hopping, the interacting I’ve been doing, none of that is possible when I’m in school, and I just have to live with that. I’m no longer going to apologize for living my life the way I want to live it, which is by putting my education before my blog.

      Promises are definitely a bit trickier, since then you really can feel like you owe something to your viewers, but I think there’s not much you can do there besides make less promises. Although I’m aware that’s easier said than done.

      Whatever the case, know that I’ll be there whenever you have the chance to blog, and I’ll be waiting for your comeback whenever you’re gone, no matter how long it takes. If you being gone means you’re taking proper care or yourself, I’ll willingly pay the price of missing your wonderful content for a little while longer!

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      1. oh malka, this was such a lovely reply! i’ve definitely felt a lot more inspired & motivated to blog with my time off from school, and it feels so strange but wonderful. and i really do love your mindset of refusing to apologize for living how you want to live, even if it means less blog content!

        i’ll be excited to read your content whenever you post it too ❤️

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  9. I haven’t taken any breaks so far due to the fear of losing my tiny audience. It has been only 3 months since I started so I feel the pressure of needing to constantly engage with my readers. It is definitely tough when I’m already juggling with my uni work but I am managing it. Plus blogging is a good distraction for me from the usual chaos!

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    1. I definitely hear that. Even now, after blogging for more than 3 years, I still get a little bit worried about leaving my blog alone for too long. But honestly, you really need to do what’s best for yourself. If uni work ever gets too stressful for you, make sure that you take a break if you need one!

      But I also hear that it can be nice to use blogging as a distraction especially when like gets busy. I mean, after all, this blog is called Paper Procrastinators for a reason! This blog gets used for procrastination purposes a lot!


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