The “Would You Rather?” Book Tag

It’s been a while since this blog has been graced with a tag, but thankfully Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx has tagged Paper Procrastinators in the Would You Rather Book Tag! She gave some tough choices, but thankfully, I don’t play by the rules, and found exceptions for practically every case so that I can still read and be happy! It was quite fun coming up with my answers and ways to outsmart making difficult choices, and I hope you have just as much fun reading my answers!

1 .Would you rather read about well written character development or a well written and developed relationship (platonic/romantic)?


I would say that it’s pretty much impossible to write a well developed relationship without the character development being well done as well, so I’m going to choose a well written relationship, so that I can get both choices with one answer! (Also, it’s me. Of course I’m gonna choose the option that contains the word romance.)

2. Would you rather randomly decide to read a book based on the color of the cover or the reviews on the back?


I usually decide which books I’d like to read based on the synopsis, so my answer to this question might be a bit of a surprise. But I’m going to decide based on the color of the cover.

Here’s my reasoning. Reviews on the back of books are super generic. “Author McAuthorpants did it again in this stunning work of fiction that feels like a blend of poetry and prose!” Like, great, now I know that this book uses words and is fiction instead of non-fiction. But do I know a book’s genre from that sentence? Nope! How about whether this is a happy or sad book? That’s another no! However, besides for the occasional case of mismarketing, covers can tell you a lot about a story. For example, my shelves aren’t specifically organized by genre, but usually the genres end up next to one another. How does that happen? Well, I have the bright colorful books on one shelf, and the darker, more muted colors on a separate shelf. Bright colors tend to be romance and contemporary, while the darker colors are heavier fantasies and sci-fi stories. Is it a perfect science? No. But it sure beats those vague and non-specific book reviews you find on the back of book covers.

Colors Satisfying GIF

3. Would you rather read summaries of books for the rest of your life or only watch bad adaptations?


I’ve generally enjoyed most of the adaptations I’ve watched, even the ones that most people have deemed bad. But on top of that, I don’t really watch that many adaptations (or movies/shows in general) so just choosing not to watch the bad adaptations wouldn’t be a hardship whatsoever.

4. Would you rather read only your favorite fiction trope done well (like, literally perfectly) ONCE in your life or constantly read it done poorly?


Hmmm, since I don’t really have one favorite fiction trope, I think I’d pick that one. That way, I get one trope done to perfection which I can call my ultimate favorite, but I’ll still have secondary favorite tropes that are done to near perfection that I can still enjoy. That’s definitely my choice though, because I don’t think I could handle the tropes I love consistently done poorly. I’d no longer enjoy them at that point, and that would just make me sad!

GIF by Slice

5. Would you rather meet your favorite actor or your favorite author?


I don’t really watch that much TV and I very rarely watch movies, so I don’t get that much exposure to actors. My friends will often mention famous people that I’m just not aware of since I’ve never watched any of their works. So it wouldn’t be that exciting for me to meet any actor, even if they were a fave, because I don’t really stan actors.

On the other hand, I love meeting authors! There’s something so wonderful about getting to hear the backstory behind the works you love and getting to meet the creator of a book you adore. I’d pick meeting my favorite author every time!

6. Would you rather only read 5 pages every day OR read 5 books every week?


Listen, if choosing the option to read 5 books a week, means that I somehow manage to read 5 books a week no matter how busy life gets, that’s definitely the option I’m going for. And if I read 5 comics one week, and 5 novels the next week, that will still count, so I’ll be fine. But I just can’t imagine having to stop after every 5 pages! Also, me being me, I did the math, and 5 pages a day means 6 books read a year (assuming an average page count of 300) and that is not nearly enough books to keep me happy! That’s around my average each month!

Calculate Episode 18 GIF by The Simpsons

7. Would you rather be stuck on a long road trip without your phone or without your book?


This may be sacrilegious, but without my book. I can’t read in cars, but there’s a lot I can do to keep myself entertained with my phone. Plus, my phone contains my Kindle app, so technically I could still read while we’re taking breaks or stopped over at some place.

8. Would you rather have your own personal home library or only read library books?


Personal home library! Don’t get me wrong, I adore my local library. But there’s something so nice about having curated a selection of books that speak to you. If I had a whole room to dedicate towards my books, I would personalize the space and make sure it was only filled with books I loved or am excited for. It would be my place of comfort and contentment, and I wouldn’t even have to leave my house to experience that feeling!

chesapeake shores reading GIF by Hallmark Channel

9. Would you rather read a book with an unlikeable main character or a book with no punctuation?


I have nothing against unlikeable main characters, but I do have strong feelings about punctuation. Give me proper grammar please! I also feel like I’ve read books with barely any punctuation, and while it can sometimes be a cool gimmick, for the most part it just makes the book more difficult to read.

Thomas Rhett Grammar GIF by Academy of Country Music Awards

10. Would you rather let a friend borrow your book and have them hand it back damaged or have them hand it back annotations?


I’ve actually always wanted to have a friend annotate a book I’ve already read! I think it would be super cool to re-read the book, but with new insights the second time around based on the annotations. So hey, if this sound like fun to anyone, I’d be more than happy to do an annotated book swap!

What would you choose for some of these questions? Would you rather meet your favorite actor or your favorite author? Would you want to swap annotations with me?


8 thoughts on “The “Would You Rather?” Book Tag

  1. I loved this! Especially your answer to question 4, it makes so much sense!
    Also same about actors; I just don’t know any actors, aside from those really, really famous (and even those, most of them I only know by name, I would have no clue about who they are if you showed me a picture)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I had lots of fun coming up with convoluted answers! I honestly wish that I could read in cars. I’d get so much more reading done! And if I could read 5 books a week indefinitely, I think I’d happy cry! Right now reading just one book in a week or two can sometimes be a struggle!


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