Do You Need a Blogging Schedule?

It’s been a while since we’ve posted regularly around here, which made me think about blogging schedules in general. You see, there are many pieces of advice out there for bloggers, both new and old. One such tip is to set up a blogging schedule. Have either set days during the week, or a set number of days per week that you post. And quite honestly, this is great advice. I know that whenever I visit new blogs, I like to see that they post somewhat consistently, and that there’s new content for me to comment on. However, I’ve found that there are times where having a schedule can do more harm than good, so today I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of a blogging schedule in this rambley post!


When Chana and I first started blogging, we didn’t have a set schedule. However, every month I’d either print or draw a calendar, and we’d discuss a general idea of what we wanted to post and when we wanted to post said content. If we had any reviews that were upcoming we’d coordinate the timing, we’d figure out who was writing a discussion in the first week of the month, versus the last week of the month, and such. But this calendar was a fluid thing. If we didn’t have a tag ready for the Tuesday we had originally planned, we moved it to Wednesday. If I had a discussion post written and Chana didn’t, I’d post my discussion even if originally we assumed Chana would write one for that week.

We did that for about a year, but eventually we realized that it wasn’t working for us. Having a schedule was nice and all, but it put this pressure on us to post within a day or two of the scheduled time that we planned. And while that was fine for the first few months, while we were on summer break, as soon as the semester rolled around there began to be problems. To put it simply, our posting drifted off into nothingness. Having the schedule made us feel like if we couldn’t come up with a month’s worth of content, we couldn’t post at all. Illogical, perhaps, but the results were the same.

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So this past year, we tried something different. No set schedule, just conversations that occurred when we had what to post. Whenever we had a post ready, it would go up in the next few days. Whenever we had extra time to write something, we’d try our best to craft a post so that we didn’t go too long without posting. And it’s been quite successful! We may not have blog hopped in the past few months, but we did manage to post quite a bit despite our demanding school workloads.

Now, to answer the question that is the title of this post. Do YOU need a blogging schedule? Welp, that depends. If you’re someone that does well with structure, then yes! Definitely! If you don’t do well with schedules, maybe lists are more your thing, and you can figure out the exact timing later. Or just keep it all in your head. You do you! However, there are two exceptions to my answer of “do what works best for you”.

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The first exception is when you start blogging. For the first few months, until you have a regular audience, and friends that will consistently read and comment on your posts, I would say that you should aim to post consistently once a week or so at minimum. (If you go 8 days without a new post, no one will come after you, and if you post only 5 days after your last piece of content, that’s fine too.) Having new content relatively often means that no matter when people visit your blog, they have what to read. I know that personally, if I’m looking for new blogs to follow or comment on, I will skip past the ones that don’t have newish content for me to look at. If your last post was your Friday Reads, and it’s the next Thursday, there’s a good chance I’m skipping that post in favor of something newer and more relevant. Once you have a community however, they’ll understand when you need to take breaks or hiatuses. But when you’re trying to grow your blog, as everyone does at the very beginning, you want to make sure you have some form of a consistent posting schedule for yourself.

The second exception is for when you’re in a blogging slump. Like I mentioned, it took us a while to find our footing in terms of planning our posts. If you’re someone who usually sticks to a rigid posting schedule, maybe give yourself a break from it for a week or two, for a month, or even for a year! See if that helps you regain the joys of blogging, or see if that actually makes things worse and then bring back your schedule! I feel like people can get stuck in their ways after using one method for a long time, even if that method no longer works. So, try something new sometimes!

And there you have it! Those are most of my thoughts on blogging schedules! I think they’re great, but prefer using more abstract planning to on paper planning (for blogging at least) but know that a different method might work better for you!

Do you have a blogging schedule? Have you ever changed up how you plan out your posts? Do you think there are any other exceptions where people should or shouldn’t stick to a schedule?


33 thoughts on “Do You Need a Blogging Schedule?

  1. Great discussion! I used to have a really strict blogging schedule that I was pretty good at sticking to… for a little while at least. But after it broke down and I just didn’t have enough time to either write the posts I intended to, or read all the books I was hoping to review, I gave myself some freedom and now I only have a loose schedule I try to adhere to (like having a general idea about what sort of posts I want to write but not being stringent on when they get written), and I’m also not so hard on myself when I miss posting for a week (or two)!

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    1. Thanks! I think it’s pretty difficult to stick to strict blogging schedules, because it puts so much pressure on people! And when life gets busy, it can get really hard to prioritize blogging!

      I’m glad that your new system gives you some more freedom to post when you’d like! And I’ve also been working on being kinder to myself during times where I don’t post for a while. I think that’s something every blogger struggles with!

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  2. I agree about schedules being a bit constricting. Sometimes you just fall out of or can’t push out content constantly, which I understand. I try to shoot for 3-4 posts a week when I am active. Great post!

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    1. Yes! Schedules can make you feel so much pressure to post, even when you don’t have the time or energy! I think that having a relaxed method has made blogging a less stressful experience for me, for sure! Three or fours posts a week is quite impressive! For us, I’m proud when we get two or three out in a given week!

      Thank you! 💕

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  3. After going through an awful slump in the last couple of months, I learned the hard way that despite loving structure, having a set schedule can definitely cause more harm than good. This post came at the perfect time, as I’ll be trying to be more flexible with my schedule in the upcoming months.

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    1. Awww, I’m sorry to hear about your slump! I hope that you’re kind to yourself when setting up your new schedule. It’s way more important to do what’s best for you than it is to post consistently. I hope that you once again find the joy that blogging gave you before your slump!

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  4. I have a schedule but it’s not exactly a rigid schedule and more just a general outline of what posts I want to write and when I could post them. I’ve tried going the “posts whenever I feel like it” route in the past but it never really works out because I just end up not posting anything for months and lose a huge part of my readership. I think a schedule can be very useful, but once it becomes too restrictive, it’s time to shake it up a little bit 🙂

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    1. I think that we have similar methods. I like to keep a general idea about what we can post throughout the month just to make sure that I don’t forget about the blog, but not having it written down on a calendar removes a lot of the stress! And I definitely agree about shaking things up. If something isn’t working for you, try something new and see how that goes!


  5. I actively choose not to make a schedule for my posts because it gives me a sense of control, like I don’t feel like I’m run by my blog. I do, however, work around my scheduled posts for blog tours!

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    1. That’s a really interesting way of looking at it, but you’re right. Having a schedule can feel very confining at times. And I think reviews/blog tours are the easiest things for me to schedule since they have a specific date I need to post on/around. So that provides a little structure, but everything else I get to choose. It’s a nice balance for me!

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  6. I feel like people with actual working blogging schedules are some kind of magic, because I could never. Now, back when I was first getting into blogging, I was convinced that I had to post at least 5-6 times a week. It was absurdly unsustainable, of course, and now I do not do that anymore. But at no time did I have any schedule, other than weekly memes or blog tours. Now, it’s more of a “meh when it happens it happens” though I do try to have reviews done around the time a book comes out (for ARCs, otherwise I do not bother hah). I tried schedules a few times over the years, and every time, failed abysmally so… now we do not bother with that 😂

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    1. People who have set days that they post on every week amaze me. Like, what happens if you’re not in the mood? I could never have a strict schedule. Even a semi-flexible one didn’t end up working out, so I could just imagine how much worse it would have been to have set posting days!

      FIVE OR SIX TIMES A WEEK!??! SHANNON! HOW?!? Absurdly unsustainable is right! I’m glad you have a more relaxed approach now.

      Memes are no pressure though, because you can always skip a week if you aren’t feeling up to it. Blog tours and reviews are a little more tricky because of the fact that you only received the book in order to promote it at a very specific time, but I’ve learned to be a bit more flexible there as well. (Meaning, I’m convincing myself that it’s fine that I have overdue reviews and that no one will notice if I post my review a few months late).

      Yup! There’s no harm in trying out schedules, but once you find out they don’t work for you, why bother using them anymore!


  7. Ah I loved this post Malka! I’ve tried having a rigid schedule before but it ended up causing a lot of stress and guilt whenever I would miss a post. Or I’d rush to finish the post just to meet my own self imposed dead line. Although I am currently on hiatus, so the only posts that are going up are every 3 months and are my wrap up posts. When I come back from hiatus I plan to just set myself a goal of 3 posts a month and go with the flow, which is what I had started to do before I put myself on hiatus. I enjoy planning and roughly plotting and mapping out what posts are going to go up when. However I’ve learned to let myself be flexible, I’d rather have nothing go up for a bit then put up a post that I’m unhappy with. Something that has always helped me is scheduling posts in advance, I have always tried my best to write posts a month or two in advance allowing me the space and time to revise the post multiple times and get it right before I schedule it. It also takes that pressure off too hehe.

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    1. Thank you, Clo! I’m so glad you enjoyed!

      Yes! I definitely hear that! If I had a schedule that wasn’t at least somewhat flexible I’d burn myself out from the stress and guilt over posting on time. (I can’t force myself to finish posts or books by a given time for the life of me).

      Oooh, I hope you’re enjoying your hiatus! I hope you come back from it feeling refreshed! And it’s smart that you have a plan to slowly ease back into blogging, instead of rushing back in and burning yourself out!

      I really think that flexibility is key when it comes to posting. It helps so much to accept that sometimes life just gets in the way of even the most perfectly planned schedule.

      But, wow! Planning for months in advance would physically hurt me! I get so impatient to post discussions a week after writing them! I don’t think I could manage to wait a month! For me once I write a post, I like for it to go up within the next few days if possible! The only exception is a review, which I sometimes write months in advance, if there’s a gap between when I read the book and when the book is getting published.

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  8. Loved reading this discussion. I’ve personally never tried a blogging schedule but I’d love to give it a go! I’ve been pretty inactive and in somewhat of a slump lately and a schedule could help me to get back into it? Will have to have a think but it was great to hear your thoughts! One thing I do love about blogging though is that due to the lack of algorithms, once you have an audience they do tend to come back even when you post more sporadically. Definitely takes away some of the pressure compared to other social media’s like insta x

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    1. Thanks, Emme!

      Definitely try out a schedule if you’d like, but if you do, I’d suggest being flexible with yourself!

      And that’s actually a fantastic point! I remember being shocked that we still got views on our new posts when we returned after a months long hiatus, but like you said, it’s more personal with blogging. If someone is following your blog, chances are they’ll stick around while you’re gone, and will easily be notified when you’re back!

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  9. Great discussion and wonderful advice! I always see the pros of blog schedules and never the cons, thank you! This brought up an exact issue I had earlier this year, a blogging slump, which led to a hiatus (but it was long overdue). Now to avoid stress I don’t really stick to a schedule anymore, just as long as I post anytime once a week or every other week, that works for me!✨

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    1. Thank you! I think that a lot of people assume that structure is always a good thing, but that’s not true! In certain cases, it’s better to be a bit more flexible!

      I think that’s a great method! It’s very similar to the system that Chana and I use. We have a general idea or what and when we’ll be posting but don’t set anything in stone. But I’m so happy you found a scheduling situation that works for you!

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  10. Excellent discussion, Malka! I like having a blogging schedule for the consistency it brings – currently it’s twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays. It used to be three but that got too much!! But I agree, it is important not to put too much pressure on ourselves.

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    1. Thank you!

      I definitely think that consistency is important, but at this point trying to post on specific days isn’t feasible because there are too many unknowns each week because of school!

      I agree that two days a week is a nice amount, although whenever we manage to sneak in a third post, I’m happy! But the most important part is to make sure I’m never stressed about posting! Blogging is a hobby, so I don’t want to take all the fun away by putting too much pressure on myself!

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  11. This was a very insightful post to read. I’ve been in a blogging slump since the start of May so I am going to try a blogging schedule, and hopefully, that works well with me since I like keeping things organized. 🙂

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  12. I absolutely agree. I too don’t have strict blogging schedules. I tried doing that as it seems everyone recommends it- but it didn’t work for me. Book Blogging for me is something that I’m passionate about and enjoy it. Keeping up with a schedule, I felt blogging was turning into mandatory schoolwork. Something mandatory with deadlines that I couldn’t pour my heart into.
    Every month I make a list of topics I’d like to write about and that’s super helpful for me. I’m sure many like to keep to a schedule but I don’t think it’s for everyone.
    I’m glad I stumbled upon this post. Untill now, I thought that I’m an abnormality in the book blogging community who doesn’t follow a schedule. Loved the post! ☺️

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    1. Yup! Blogging schedules aren’t for everyone! I understand why it’s recommended, because it can definitely help with consistency, but like you said, it puts more pressure and stress into something that we do for fun!

      I think a list of topics can be just as useful! Having a general idea of things you could post if you’d like ensures that when you’re ready to write, you have options for what you can focus on!

      I’m so happy that you found this post as well! Everyone does blogging differently, and I have lots of fun writing discussions where I find out that I’m not the only one that feels a certain way about whatever aspect or books, reading, or blogging I chose to talk about in that day’s post!

      Thank you! 💕

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