To All the Books I Haven’t Reviewed…

Recently I have been a liiiiitle bit absent from blogging. The reason is obviously school + pandemic + stress + ??? so nothing new or interesting, but one thing I have been posting is reviews! As we all know reviews don’t do the best views wise, and that makes sense since it’s unlikely that a review I post will feature a book that everyone is interested in. So to give ya’ll a little bit of respite, I’ve decided that instead of posting a review, I’ll talk about all the books I haven’t reviewed instead!

I would like to first issue a disclaimer that I am a great blogger and I try to review all the books I get (totally not lying here), but sometimes! Only sometimes! It just so happens that I request a book on Netgalley. And then. Like. Forget I have a phone that has a kindle on it. Sometimes I even forget how to read. It’s hard and slightly tragic, but I manage. Disclaimer aside, I have decided to own up to my Netgalley reviewing shortcomings and take a nice stroll through my shelf and explain why I have neglected the poor Earcs.

The best way I can think to organize it is by oldest to newest! Let’s blow some dust off of those ‘ol digital books.

41044566. sy475

Date Downloaded: September 12th, 2018

Date Released: October 9th, 2018

Behold! The first book I was ever granted on Netgalley! This was way back when I never got approved for anything, so I requested this one as a read now to try and build up my review ratio. Spoiler alert. My plan didn’t end up working out. I think I got maaaaybe 15 pages into this book? My biggest judgement was that I had no interest. No interest in the story, the characters, the book. For all I know it’s a great book! But I will most probably never read it. Sorry.

40126121. sy475

Date Downloaded: August 27th, 2019

Date Released: April 7th, 2020

I am so happy that I never got around to reading this book. I requested it way back when because I had reviewed the first book and decided, why not? Welp take a look at my thought process while reading the book to see why not,

Me: Huh, how did I ever finish the first book when I care so little about these characters??

Me: What are these names, why so many, what do they mean

Me * closes the book 17 pages in *: That’s enough of that.

Anywho, very glad I never pushed myself to finish this book since I don’t like wasting my time on racist antisemites. Will I ever read this book? No ❤

41428040. sy475

Date Downloaded: September 9th, 2019

Date Released: October 1st, 2019

I THOUGHT THE COVER WAS PRETTY OKAY. SO I REQUESTED IT. SUE ME. I like twirly thingies. It looks like finely forged metal! How could I resist?? I actually just went to look back at the synopsis and it still sounds good to me! Magical plagues and siblings saving each other! so cool. I will admit that I did start this book. And. Well. Yeah. I started. There was a big spider? And then I didn’t continue after that. Not for any reason related to dislike of the book, but more likely this was one of the times that I had forgotten how to read.


Date Downloaded: February 28th, 2020

Date Released: September 15th, 2020

I did not start this book! At all! This book was actually the first (and only) wish for it that I was granted on Netgalley. I really did want to read and review it because it sounds fantastic (cover links to Goodreads for the synopsis) butttt, as you may be able to tell from the date downloaded, I got this book right before the Panoramic started. So yup, life got a little in the way of this, but hopefully I’ll read this! I won’t say “soon” or “eventually” because that would be a lie and I think that putting any type of vague time constraint on my reviews dooms them to never happen.


Date Downloaded: October 28th, 2020

Date Released: June 1st, 2021

Don’t freak out! I have read One Last Stop. It was amazing. I loved it. I can’t wait for everyone to read it and enjoy it! You’re probably wondering why this book is on the list if I have read it, welp, the thing is, I got this book 7 months ago, and it comes out 2 months from now, so I am waiting for it to be a little bit closer to the release date before posting my review. Am I closing this post with this book to prove that I do occasionally read and review books? Yes. And don’t you forget it.

I end this post with an apology to the books I haven’t reviewed. I’m sorry for abandoning you. I’m sorry for giving you hope by downloading you in the first place. I’m sorry that I judged you by your covers. But most of all, I’m sorry that you’re currently ruining my Netgalley ratio. Maybe one day I’ll read you and you’ll go off into the great beyond that is the “feedback sent” shelf. Probably not. But maybe.

Have you read any of the books I haven’t? Do you think I should read any of these books? Do you ever have books that you never end up reviewing?


21 thoughts on “To All the Books I Haven’t Reviewed…

  1. Ah happy to hear you’ve enjoyed one last stop!
    I only have two books I haven’t read and requested — one poetry collection I can’t open, and a book that took forever to grant it to me and when it did, the mood passed 😂 it’s « in case of emergency »

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    1. Aaah, I have a few that I didn’t mention on here that were definitely a “mood passed” type of requesting. Like, they still look interesting! And I’m not opposed to reading them. But just not atm 😂

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    1. That’s amazing!! There are definitely some books that I’d like to reread from before I started blogging too! It’d also be interesting to maybe reread books that you reviewed when you first started blogging and see how your opinions might have changed.

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  2. Haha wonderful post!! I can relate soo much to this!! I am just going to stop requesting books because I find that I’m not very excited to read them and it puts me in a reading slump! And I can’t wait for your review of One L

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! I feel like the pressure of reading something for Netgalley sometimes puts me in a position where I feel like I can’t read any book except the one I need to review and if I’m not in the mood to read it then I just won’t read anything at all 😭

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  3. I also got Marrow Charm because of the cover. I literally know nothing about it lol I haven’t read or even heard of the others on here though haha

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    1. Hahahah, twins!! The cover just *pulls* you in somehow 😂 Like a siren as a book cover


  4. When you get to my age, and you’ve only been writing book reviews for a fraction of your life, you realize that that list of all the books you’ve never reviewed is enormous! Hm… maybe I should do a feature on my blog of just such books???

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    1. You definitely should!! That’d be so interesting!! I also really liked going through my backlist books and remembering what I was thinking when I thought it was a good idea to request some of these 😂

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      1. I actually did it once, with Catch-22. I wrote the review for my 300th post. Hm… I’m coming up on 700 posts… maybe I should finally review The English Patient?


  5. Bwhahah this cracked me up! Okay so. I have a compulsion where I *must* review all the books. Back in the day, there were a few “read now” on EW that I didn’t review and then they were just like, gone from the site, couldn’t even provide feedback. But I really wish I had at least a LITTLE more chill, you know? (Also really glad that I didn’t request Ruthless Gods- even though I did like the first book a lot, I am not here for the author’s hate and bad behavior.)

    I really love this idea of post, tbh- because you are still kiiiiind of reviewing them, or at the very least, shining some attention on them! I may have to try something similar one of these days!

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    1. Shannon, I’m always so impressed by your reviews!! You always seem so on top of them I hope that one day I can be more like you 😭 Omg yes, I definitely also need more chill with requesting?? Like to write an email request to a publisher is a whole *task* so I can have a littttle self-control with those. But NG and EW! It’s just the click of a button! And they might say no!

      Yess, exactly!! A non-review review 😊


  6. one last stop !!! YES
    also, alsdfjaldfkj i’m glad you’re not reading ruthless gods… there have been so many things coming out about emily a duncan and i’m just like. WHY SLKDJFLSDFKj
    also “all the books i haven’t reviewed” on the site “paper procrastinators?” KEEPING IN BRAND, I SEE ❤

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    1. Ugggh, she’s just the worst 😭 And I just love how people were complaining about cancel culture for her books and they’re still bestselling 🤐

      Hahaha, I feel like I’m being called out but I brought this on myself 😅💕


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