Bookish Blue Moons

As you all know tomorrow is Halloween, but what you may not know, is that tomorrow night is officially a blue moon. (A blue moon occurs when there are 2 full moons in one calendar month). Since we both don’t really read spooky or scary books with which we could tie into Halloween, we decided instead it would be fun to discuss all the bookish related things that we enjoy every once in a blue moon and why that is. 

Tropes We Enjoy Every Once In a Blue Moon

Malka: This is going to be weirdly specific, but I tend to hate books where the main character is forced to go outside their comfort zone. Times where they make a random bucket list and proceed to accomplish all the items with the help of a friend or potential love interest, even when they aren’t happy about the things on said list. 

The reason I hate this trope is because many times the main character ends up feeling uncomfortable with the things on their lists and how it plays out. And many times people are pressuring them to go out of their comfort zone, which is a big red flag for me.

HOWEVER, every once in a blue moon this trope is handled well! And usually it’s because the main character themselves makes the list, and only does what they are ready for outside their comfort zone. Their friend or love interest supports them, but doesn’t pressure them to do anything they don’t feel up to at the moment. There are several books that I read this year that come to mind that handled this trope well (and several books that I’ve read in previous years that didn’t) which might be why this is what came to mind!

john catucci big food bucket list GIF by Food Network Canada

Chana: Miscommunication tropes always bug me! It always feels so dumb when the entire conflict of the book could be solved with a simple conversation or even a text. I guess there are times where I’ll be okay with the miscommunication trope and it’s usually when the stakes aren’t so high. If it’s a type of miscommunication that causes lots of conflict that ruins not only the MC life but also the lives of the people around them then it’s not for me, otherwise, I’ll enjoy it once in a blue moon. 

Tropes We Dislike Every Once In a Blue Moon

Malka: I’m generally pretty open when it comes to the bad boy with a heart of gold trope, but there needs to be logic behind the supposed mean behavior. There are times when behavior is just fully problematic, and there is no good explanation. And in that case, boy do I hate the trope. Abusive relationships aren’t the same as misunderstandings or an established rivalry. And to see those kinds of relationships romanticized because the love interest is just a “bad boy” makes my blood boil.

angry schitts creek GIF by CBC

Chana: I’m really a sucker for any fanfiction type trope like soulmates, enemies to lovers, fake relationships etc. but like all things there will be a time when I won’t like the way one of those tropes are handled! One example is maybe the enemies to lovers in I Kissed Alice. I did enjoy the book overall! But this was one book where the “enemies” were genuinely mean to each other so I ended up not liking that trope as much as I thought I would. 

Genres We Read Every Once In a Blue Moon

Malka: Hmmmm. I had a few options I could have chosen, but I’m going with non-fiction. If you’ve read my most recent post about “mindless” books, you’ll know that’s because school overwhelms me with information, so it’s hard to enjoy books that tend to be very informational. Within non-fiction I usually read memoirs or scientific works, but I can’t really pay attention to either for most of the year. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the genre, it’s that it makes up a very small percentage of my reading each year!

Chana: I’m pretty open to reading most genres, but one genre that I do enjoy most times that I read it even though I don’t actively seek it out are murder mystery crime novels! I really haven’t read that many, but I liked the ones that I did read, so maybe this is a sign that I should read more of them?

Writing Choices We Enjoy Every Once In a Blue Moon

Malka: Sad endings are not my go to, which I think everyone is aware of. I love a happy ending that leaves my heart all warm and fuzzy. It’s very rare that I’ll even reach for a book that I know will have a sad ending. But every once in a while, I pick up a book with a sad ending that just works so well, and I love it. As long as the emotional impact makes sense and was built up throughout the story, it’s nice to have a story emotionally gut me every once in a blue moon.

Chana: First person narratives are one thing that I don’t particularly enjoy. I usually find them to be limiting and a bit childish so I tend to avoid them if I can. One (rare) occasion on which I’ll enjoy a first person narrative is when the book is a middle grade. I’m not sure if it’s because middle grade authors are better at writing in first person, or maybe the narrative style just works better with the type of book that middle grades are. Who can say. 

Writing Choices We Dislike Every Once In a Blue Moon

Malka: I happen to be the biggest fan of foreshadowing. I love when you catch a piece of information upon reread. Or when you realize why a certain seemingly insignificant event is so important. But it needs to be subtle. And every once in a while the foreshadowing makes a later event in the book painfully obvious! If you tell me 12 times how important this object is to a person, and how it would devastate the main character if they lost it, it starts becoming obvious that said object will get lost at some point in the novel. Probably when it would hurt the main character the most. Subtle foreshadowing, I stan. Spoiling your own book is just bad writing. 

sons of anarchy soa GIF

Chana: Purple prose is one thing that I absolutely love! When the writing is pretty and flowery and extra I can read it forever. But occasionally the prose is too purpley, and when that happens it comes to a point where I don’t really understand what’s going on in a book, which causes me to dislike the usually loved writing choice.

What genre do you enjoy every once in a blue moon? What are some tropes that you dislike sometimes? What writing choices do you enjoy every once in a while?


32 thoughts on “Bookish Blue Moons

  1. This was such an interesting post concept! I definitely agree on the miscommunication and bad boy tropes, as well as unsubtle foreshadowing 😁 As to a writing choice I enjoy every once in a blue moon, I think I’ll have to go with open endings. I normally hate when things are left unresolved, but there are a handful of books (like Lois Lowry’s The Giver) that I think did it well!

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    1. Thank you! 💕 Hahaha, yeah, it’s hard to think of a genre that I completely avoid since I feel like I’m open to reading most things. What genres do you usually stick with?

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        1. I love Fantasy! Ooh, I used to read a lot of historical fiction but I haven’t for a while, so this is a great reminder to get back into it!

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  2. This was a great post! I don’t really enjoy sad endings either. I’m a HEA kinda girl ☺️ And genres I rarely pick up are thrillers and non-fiction. Though I am trying to read more mysteries and thrillers because I think they are amazing! I’m just a coward 😅

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    1. Agreed! Like I love the concept of enemies to lovers but sometimes if they’re being *too* mean it sort of takes away the cute part that I like about it. I also read memoirs once in a blue moon! Most non-fiction are once in a blue moon for me, but I usually enjoy the ones that I do read.

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  3. Very interesting… but I have to disagree with you on foreshadowing… I absolutely HATE it, especially when it comes in a present tense story. It ticks me off BIG time (what? You have ESP?)! Even in past tense narratives I dislike it.

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    1. Yes! There are definitely times where the foreshadowing ruins a book. I find that this happens a lot with murder mysteries. Like if a random object or person is mentioned then I automatically know that it’s important even though if it were a real-life story that random person/object wouldn’t be mentioned with any sort of significance.

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  4. I’m completely on board with not liking the bucket list trope especially if pressured, ugh, let the MC live their life but I haven’t read many in which the MC makes their own list sooo….
    I also hate foreshadowing, like please, some more mystery! Especially if it’s horror or paranormal.

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    1. Yes, exactly! Most of the time there’s nothing really wrong with the main character’s life in the first place, so I don’t see why “change yourself” intention of the bucket list is necessary. Get a Life, Chloe Brown is the book I had in mind for a good example of this trope, if you’re interested in checking it out!

      That’s so interesting! I don’t read much paranormal or horror, but I can understand how foreshadowing can ruin the experience, if the author isn’t careful!

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  5. How do you guys always come up with original and awesome post ideas?!
    I love your points – the bucket list trope is not for me, however, I am a sucker foreshadowing.
    Emma xx

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    1. Awwww, thank you! I was actually quite proud of this idea when I had it!

      Yup. The bucket list trope just tends to miss the mark for me. It’s not one of those tropes that makes me want to read a novel when it’s included.

      But foreshadowing on the other hand can be a masterpiece. There’s something so impressive about how an author can insert a piece of information that seems so mundane when you first read it over, but ends up being so important or revealing once you get to a later point in the novel!

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  6. I agree with you on the bad boys trope; sometimes there is no reason for the boy to act like that besides that the author wants to make the boys desirable to the readers. Although I LOVE sad endings, I think happy endings for me are once in a blue moon 😅 I think books become so memorable to me if I have spent an afternoon crying and hyperventilating over it haha 🤣😜

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    1. I’m also a big fan of sad endings. And I know it sounds weird but sometimes I’m just in the *mood* for a depressing book. Like I want to read something that has stakes and makes me feel a little bit of something. Also, I always remember a book if I have to close it to process something, that’s when I KNOW the book was good 😂

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      1. Exactly!!! Sometimes I read a book that I know is sad, and I would have to put it down for a second to just process what just happened ( *cough cough * city of glass)

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  7. This post is so creative, I love it! I definitely agree about the bucket lists! I absolutely hate it when someone else makes the list for the character and forces / pressures them to do it even if the character is super-uncomfortable and unhappy. But then in books like Get a Life, Chloe Brown this trope was so well-handled, I loved it!

    And miscommunication is a horrible trope but I get that sometimes it is necessary. I can bear it if it’s not overly stretched out and is solved relatively fast, because I feel like that’s more realistic AND less frustrating / stressful.

    And I agree with you both – I dislike enemies to lovers AND the bad-boy with a heart of gold when they contain character(s) that are actually mean and horrible.

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    1. Thank you!

      Yes! I actually had a specific book in mind where the main character had zero interest in completing this bucket list, but did it out of a weird sense of obligation, and I just hated it! But Chloe Brown was the book I was referencing that I read this year that handled the trope well! I loved how it was only things she wanted for herself, and how she was open to revising her list as needed!

      Yeah, there are definitely levels of miscommunication, although I’m honestly happiest when there’s none whatsoever, no matter how unrealistic that might be! But if it has to be included, then yes! The sooner it’s resolved, the better!

      It drives me mad how many people end up romanticizing these terrible relationships! I always want to shove books that feature those same tropes but with healthy relationships to the people that adore those harmful sorts of books!

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  8. Oh what a fun, creative post, I love that idea SO much! I have to say that I completely agree about the whole going-out of your comfort zone trope, sometimes it’s just not right and uncomfortable and just, yes, a big red flag and nope nope nope to that. I just love it when it’s done right and in the main character’s own pace and terms, too, that’s so much more wonderful and much less harmful, too!

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    1. Thank you! I thought it could be a fun idea, and I’m really happy with how the post turned out!

      And yes! There are way too many books that I’ve read that just make me so upset and uncomfortable for the main character, since no one is even listening to their feelings about what their bucket list should include (or not include!). But like you said, when it’s done right, it can be so much fun!

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  9. A really thoughtful and creative post! I completely agree with both of you about writing styles. It is a great feeling when you notice that really subtle hint about what might happen later on, but never good when it becomes too obvious! And there have definitely been some books I have read where the writing overshadows the plot.

    There are lots of fantastic crime/mystery books out there that I am sure you will love, Chana! 🙂


    1. Ooh, do you have any recommendations? I just finished watching Hannibal and am very in the mood of crime/mystery books right now 😄

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        1. ahh, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is one of my favorite books! I’ll definitely have to check out the Six Stories series, thank you!

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