Our Nominations for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards!

We are so very excited that the Book Blogger Awards are back again this year and hosted by two of our very favorite people, May @ Forever & Everly and Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books! These awards are designed to spread the love of book blogs, and the hosts have done an amazing job of arranging the awards! Since we won’t be including all the details, we highly recommend visiting their announcement posts to get the full list of categories and descriptions, and all the rules involved in posting nominations!

And now, without further ado, let’s get into our nominations!

Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19):

Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages

We’re fairly new to Taasia’s blog, but we absolutely love it! She has great discussions, like this one about how to get out of a blogging slump, and reading her blog is always so enjoyable!

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+):

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Marie is just fantastic! Her blog posts are always perfection, no matter whether it’s a wrap up, a discussion, or a review. She’s so kind when commenting and is just a general joy in the blogging community. She has so many fantastic posts (any post by Marie is guaranteed to be fantastic), but some of our favorites are her discussions about how she adds books to her TBR and her tips for interacting with the book blogging community.

Best Book Reviews:

Faith @ Pages Left Unread

Faith is one of the newer blogs that we’ve followed, but their content is amazing! Specifically their reviews are just fantastic! Each of their reviews is so heartfelt and conveys exactly what they liked (and disliked) about a book. When you finish reading you know everything you need to know to decide whether or not a book is for you! Our very favorite review of theirs would definitely have to be this review of Felix Ever After! It was masterful and was what convinced Malka to buy the book!

Best Book Recommendations:

It Starts At Midnight

Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

Shannon always has us adding books to our TBRs! In fact one of Malka’s most recent purchases was inspired directly by Shannon! Not only does she have fantastic reviews, but her monthly wrap ups always contain new books that she’s interested in! On top of that, so many of her other lists or themed posts have made us want to pick up a book on her recommendation! Most recently she made a whole post showcasing tons of books releasing in the second half of 2020!

Best Discussion Posts:

Sabrina and Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical

Sabrina and Vera always have discussion posts that are so creative and fun to read! Discussion posts are our favorites, and Sabrina and Vera do not disappoint with their unique takes on different topics! Some of our favorites include Vera’s discussion about audiobooks and Sabrina’s post about bookish coincidences.

Best Blog Aesthetic:

Read By Tiffany

Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany

Tiffany’s blog aesthetic is just so calming and nice. We love the headers she creates for her posts, and all the gorgeous mood-boards she makes for some of her reviews! In her review of Anna K: A Love Story, you can see one of the many beautiful mood boards Tiffany’s created.

Best Blogging/Writing Voice:

Rhi @ Marshmallow Harmonies

Rhi’s posts are always bubbling with such personality! You can feel her excitement and her emotions in every post she writes! Because of that, we could have picked any post to highlight by her because her voice and her excitement shines through in all her posts! But one that we thought shows how much fun Rhi has while writing is definitely her post where she did the Pride Flag Book Tag while also creating a bookish rainbow with her answers!

Most Helpful:

Novels & Waffles

Kat @ Novels & Waffles

Kat always has the most helpful posts! Whether it has to do with blog design or SEO, Kat never fails to put out helpful and easy to understand posts! In fact, she even has a whole series that she co-hosts every year dedicated to helping bloggers improve all sorts of aspects of their blog design!

Most Supportive:

Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Nicole is the obvious answer for this question! Not only does she mention her favorite posts from other bloggers in all of her weekly Sunday Posts and highlight bloggers’ birthdays and blogversaries there as well, on top of that she co-hosts both the Book Blog Discussion Challenge and the Monthly Wrap Up Round Up in order to promote interaction for these kinds of posts!

Most Engaged in the Community:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is drizzle-and-hurrican-books-tornado.png

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

We’ve mentioned her before, but we’re mentioning her again! Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books is such a pillar of the book blogging community! She always takes the time to blog hop and says the nicest things. She also will always take the chance to give her take on a topic that the book community is discussing, and will always link to other blogger’s posts on that same topic. For example in her recent post about trigger warnings, she linked to 5 other bloggers’ posts on the topic (including Malka’s)!

Most Creative:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cropped-add-a-subheading.png

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Caitlin always comes up with such original post ideas that are so out of the box! She recently did a post where she guessed a book’s synopsis just by looking at the cover, and she has a fun ongoing series as well you should definitely check out called Caitlin Reads series. 

Best Social Media Influencer:

Paper Fury

Cait @ Paper Fury

If you’re on any social media site, chances are you’ve seen one of Cait’s posts! She’s super active on both Twitter and Instagram, freaking out over new releases, endless TBR piles, and the struggles it takes to write a book. Of course this is all on top of her wonderful blog!


Amy @ Bookish Heights

Amy’s Instagram stories are just filled with all the LGBTQ+ books that she reads. She makes a point of mentioning the rep for every book that she’s read when she rates them. She also makes the most fantastic Twitter threads! Here’s one where she made a thread of 2020 LGBTQ+ books as puppies!

Best Personality:


Nimika @ Wordhaven

If you’ve never read a blog post by Nimika you’re seriously missing out! Nimika’s personality really shines through in every single post she publishes! We’re always excited when we see that Nimika has posted or commented because she just brings joy and happiness into our lives. Take this post where she tries convincing you to read The Murderbot Diaries. After reading all her persuasive points, how can you not be convinced?

Friendliest Member of the Community:

Olivia @ Purely Olivia

Olivia is so kind and friendly! In every interaction we’ve had with her, in every comment she posts or replies to, Olivia is the embodiment of friendly. She brings this friendliness to her blog posts as well! For example, this summer bucket list that Olivia wrote, she turned into a collab with friends!

Best at Promoting Diverse Books:

May @ Forever & Everly

May is a champion for diverse books in the blogosphere. She has written so many fantastic posts recommending and promoting diverse books! Some of our favorites include 50+ books by QPOC and 25 books by Asian Authors.

Best New Book Blogger:

We’re really disappointed in ourselves that we don’t have anyone to nominate for this category! We’re definitely going to be checking out everyone else’s nomination posts to find new book bloggers to follow and we’d love for you to tell us some of your new favorites in the comments as well!

Best Overall Book Blogger:

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Caitlin is just fantastic in every way! We think that the nomination category really speaks for itself, because Caitlin and her blog are just amazing overall! We’ve already talked about how creative she is, but she also is just a wonderful blogger overall, and we’re so happy that the blogger awards give us a chance to highlight how amazing she is!

Sabrina and Veronika @ Wordy & Whimsical

These two run a blog that’s so underrated it’s absolutely ridiculous! Their content is amazing, they’re so wonderful to interact with, and their blog design is also so beautiful! We’re so glad that these awards allow us to share this wonderful blog with so many others!

We had so much fun nominating all these wonderful bloggers! We can’t wait to check out everyone else’s nominations and just spread the love in general! Feel free to let us know about some of your favorite smaller or newer blogs in the comments!

Who are some of your favorite new bloggers? Are you planning on nominating bloggers?


26 thoughts on “Our Nominations for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards!

  1. I’m so glad you nominated Amy for a category, because she is truly wonderful and deserves recognition in awards such as this. And of course, Caitlin is absolutely fantastic. Definitely one of my favourites.

    If there was an award for best book blogging duo, you would definitely get my vote πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amy really does so much that we were so happy to have a chance to talk about how wonderful she is! And Caitlin is just amazing! There were so many categories that we could have nominated her for because of how fantastic she is!

      Awwww, thank you so much Stephen! πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i love this post so much! thank you so much for participating and taking the time to write such lovely things about everyone ❀ and of course, thank you so much for nominating ME for an award! i wasn't expecting it at all, and i'm so so honored πŸ₯ΊπŸ’ž i love pretty much all the bloggers on this list and will have to check out the few i don't follow! (also just wanted to let you know that for some reason this post didn't show up in my wordpress reader? so i don't know if there was a glitch or something)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. May, your blog is fantastic!! I hope you get nominated for many more things because you deserve it πŸ’•πŸ’• Aah thanks for letting us know! Its happened with a few of our posts recently and it’s a lil’ confusing, but we’re trying to figure it out πŸ˜“

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! You do so much for the blogging community that it would be ridiculous if we didn’t mention you! πŸ’• (I mean, all your posts about a TBR growing bigger and bigger as you read one book for every 4 you buy? I have never seen more relatable content in my life!)


  3. Best overall blogger??? Oh my gosh thank you so much πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’• I’m so, so honored that you think my blog is amazing & creative!! Also, β€œpillar of the book blogging” community is such a great way to describe Marie, I don’t even know what the blogosphere would be like without her 😭

    I’m so excited to write my own nominations post!! These awards are always so fun, & I’m so pumped to see how things go this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caitlin, you 100% deserve both nominations! We wanted to put you as our nominee for so many categories that it only made sense to put you as best overall blogger! And your posts are so much fun and so creative, that even though you’re overall the best, we just couldn’t help but highlight all the ways you bring something new to book blogging by nominating you for most creative!

      And I think that’s kind of the only way to describe Marie! She’s always blog hopping, always coming out with amazing content, and she’s been around for a while, so she has a wealth of experience that she so helpfully passes on to everyone! The blogosphere would definitely be a sadder place without her!

      I can’t wait to see all the blogs you nominate! We had a lot of fun writing this post, so I hope you have the same experience writing yours! Plus, it’s such a great way to discover new blogs!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for nominating us, and for TWO categories! 😭πŸ₯° We haven’t been following each other for a long time (I don’t think so? I’m BAD with time, though, haha), but yours is one of my favorite blogs, and you both are great to interact with, some of the kindest bloggers, so this means a lot. πŸ’œπŸ’œ I know and second a lot of your other noms, but there are a few I need to check out, because I haven’t seen them around. πŸ‘€ Off to discover new favorites!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! We really love your blog even though it’s only been a few months since we’ve been following you two! (I don’t remember exactly when we started following you guys, but it’s definitely been a few months!)

      Aww, you’re too sweet! πŸ’• Thank you so much! πŸ₯°

      That’s been my experience with nomination posts as well! I recognize (and adore) a lot of the bloggers, but I usually find some new ones as well! Anyone we mentioned definitely deserves their nomination, so I hope you really do discover some new favorites!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahh!! Thank you both so much for the very kind nomination.πŸ’— This means so much to me, and I can’t thank you enough for the kind words!! You two are also the embodiment of friendliness, and wow, I just enjoy talking to you both and reading your blog so much. It’s an honor to be listed among so many amazing bloggers!πŸ₯ΊI can’t wait to check out the ones I haven’t heard of yet, I just opened a lot of new tabs and I’m looking forward to discovering more. Thank you again!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aah, thank you so much Olivia!! Interacting with you is always such a pleasure I really hope you win πŸ’•πŸ’• Yayyy, I hope you love the blogs as much as we do!!


  6. Oh my goodness, thank you SO SO SO much for nominating me for “Most Helpful!” I’m just a big pile of emotions right now! But honestly, that really means a lot to me! Knowing that my rambling tutorials are actually helping people out there in the vast interwebs makes me smile so much! Thanks again πŸ™‚ You guys are awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank YOU for all your fantastic and helpful posts!! Your tutorials are always so helpful, and Malka and I adore them! πŸ’•πŸ’•


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