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If you read our wrap ups you’ll know that back in March I was scrolling through NetGalley, when I came across The Boyfriend Project. Just the synopsis alone was intriguing enough to get me to request it. And much to my surprise, that very same day, I was granted a copy! Today I’m here to review it before it releases on June 2nd!

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Me when I first read the synopsis

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Now, this book was not what I was expecting in many ways.  And I mean that quite literally! When I first started reading this book, I realized that in the two months that had passed I had gotten approved on NetGalley, I had mixed up the storyline with another romance. Thankfully after re-reading the synopsis, I remembered why I was interested in this book, and I became less confused about why the plot wasn’t taking the direction I thought it would.

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Me after re-reading the synopsis

In case like me, you need a synopsis, The Boyfriend Project about a woman named Samiah who discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with several other women. She confronts the boyfriend and befriends the two other women that were duped as well. The three women make a pact to spend the next 6 months focusing on themselves with the time they normally devote to dating and romantic relationships. Of course, the very next day there’s a new hire at work, and not only is he beautiful, kind, and super smart, he seems to like Samiah just as much as she likes him.

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Daniel and Samiah to one another

That’s me paraphrasing the synopsis that’s on the dust jacket. But honestly, this book is so much more than your average romance. In fact, I kind of feel like the romance takes a backseat to everything else that goes on in this book. I’d classify this book as an adult contemporary with a heavy romance storyline. I know that sounds really similar to a normal romance book, but there’s something about this book that makes me hesitant to call it a romance novel.

I think that at the core, this book is about a bad-ass woman of color, proving to everyone what women in STEM can accomplish. Maybe this resonated more strongly with me because I’m majoring in engineering, but the fact that Samiah is a computer engineer is definitely a major part of this book, and I loved getting to see all the ways she was able to prove to both herself and others that she was a smart, capable, and just all-around awesome woman.

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This could easily be a quote from Samiah herself

This book made sure to take the time to discuss how difficult it is to be a woman of color in STEM, and how that forced Samiah to work so much harder than the average computer engineer, because she knows that her mistakes are judged differently than mistakes by most people.

There were a few things that led to me not enjoying the romance to its fullest. The first thing has to do with the love interest, Daniel. There are some surprising twists about Daniel that we learn that heavily impact the plot and conflict of this book. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it can get spoilery very fast, but those twists led to some barriers to communication which in turn turns into part of the conflict of the book. Because of this, I enjoyed the romance way more before Daniel and Samiah actually got together! I thought the buildup was fantastic! There was a time that I had to put the book down to Awwwwwwwww from cuteness during their period of flirtation. But once they got together there was a lot more conflict that I wasn’t too happy to see.

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I expected more from the romance itself after that buildup

The second thing that kept me from enjoying the romance to its fullest was the ending. I feel as though there wasn’t enough resolution to make me happy. There is an epilogue, but it could have just as easily been the last chapter in the book. I would have loved to see an epilogue a bit farther in the future with a stronger resolution. Obviously, since I’m talking about the ending I don’t want to delve into spoilers, but if you’ve read the book I’m curious as to what you thought about how this ended.

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The weakest part of the book for me

Now, I know it seems as though I hated the romance, and therefore hated the book. But that’s not true at all! I gave this book 4 stars! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I didn’t get the majority of my enjoyment from the romance, as I normally do from books that are marketed as romances. Instead I loved the female friendships, the sisterly bonds, the discussion about WOC in STEM, the focus on workplace interactions, and the way Samiah always reached for her goals and dreams.

I think there was wonderful characterization, and we really got to know both Samiah and Daniel as multi-dimensional people. I enjoyed how we not only got to know them from reading in their respective perspectives, but that as they opened up to one another we learnt more about them as well.

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I think there’s a lot to love about this book, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in STEM! The only thing that I would caution is to adjust your expectations of the romance. It is definitely present and definitely a major plotline, but to me at least, it took a backseat to all the wonderful other plotlines that made up this book.

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Have you read this book? Do you want to? Have you ever gotten synopses mixed up? What other books feature women crushing it in the tech world?


22 thoughts on “Review of The Boyfriend Project

  1. I understand why the author did what she did in the epilogue, using it to set up the next book, but like you, I would have liked a bit more from it. I did enjoy the romance more than you. I actually thought Daniel was fantastic, and was a bit frustrated that his “situation” led to those communication barriers you were talking about.


    1. True. It was a good set-up for Taylor’s book, but I felt it kind of lacked a HEA. For some reason I could see this couple breaking up after the epilogue, which is what made the ending feel so unresolved. I feel if we had seen an epilogue farther in the future where their relationship was more settled, I would have been a LOT happier.

      But I did enjoy the romance! I thought Daniel was a sweetie! I love how he always made sure her favorite granola bars were waiting for her in the break room. I was definitely frustrated by his situation though, because while I definitely understood why there were communication barriers, I hated how the conflict was so inevitable because of it!

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  2. Ohh! I was already interested, but am even more now that we’re talking bad-ass females in a majorly-men environement, aswell as that sisterly bonding upon a group of women who has been cheated on by the same boy! (I think what attracted me the most to this book was the little “John Tucker must die” vibe I had gotten from it)

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    1. Yay! Samiah is definitely a bad-ass in STEM, and she talks a lot about all the struggles that she faces because of being a WOC in a tech environment, which I thought was absolutely wonderful.

      I also love how the three women recognized that the culprit was the cheating boyfriend, and how they bonded together and became friends instead of blaming the each other. The lack of girl on girl hate was a big part of what drew me to this book initially!

      And I have to admit, I don’t get the John Tucker must die reference! 🙈 I’m notoriously bad when it comes to pop culture references. Where’s that from/ what’s that about?

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      1. Oh 😅 it’s a 2000 movie about basically that, three or four women finding out he’s cheating on all of them; and decide to take revenge to set him up for the last girl (who’ll act like all he loves) to have his heart broken, instead of him breaking girls hearts.

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    1. Strong women in STEM are the best! And I love how much this book discussed how difficult it is for women, and particularly WOC, in these tech environments!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my review and that I’ve piqued your interest! Thank you! 💕


  3. Ahh what a fantastic review! I spotted this book recently…. I’m not sure where, I think it was on another blog, and it made its way on my radar for sure. Now, with your review, you make me want to read it right away! I’m a huge marshmallow, but I’m not even bothered by the fact that you weeren’t totally on board with the romance, because female friendships and women in tech and sisterly bonds and everything about this screams badass women and I’m so here for that kind of read, too! Thank you for sharing this ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! 💕 It’s not that I wasn’t totally on board with the romance, but there was something missing from it for me at the end of the book. In the beginning it was definitely fantastic and swoony! But yes, I gave it 4 stars despite not loving every aspect of the romantic plot-line because there’s so much else to love about this book!

      The female friendships are absolutely amazing, as well as the sisterly bond! Plus, I was so happy to read about a bad-ass Black woman absolutely killing it in the tech field!

      I’m so glad my review made you want to read this book, and I hope you absolutely adore it once you pick it up!

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      1. Oh I understand, it is a bit frustrating when something’s missing, but I’m so glad you ended up loving the book overall 😀 thank you for the recommendation ❤

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  4. omg a WOC in STEM as main protagonist is more than enough to get me to pick this book up! I’m sorry the romance bit was a let down but I’m glad you still enjoyed this book!!!! thank you for making this wonderful review, the reasons you enumerated which made you love this book are the things i really like to see in a book! A book’s ending is a huge deal for me but this is still worth a try!

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    1. Yay! I definitely recommend this book for the WOC in STEM representation alone! I think that the romance was good, but wasn’t really the star of the show for me, and I expected the romance to be the focus of the book before I read it. So I think a lot of it was a matter of expectation. I definitely still enjoyed the reading experience though!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed my review! 💕 There are so many things about this book that are fantastic, and I’m so glad that those are the things that hopefully made you interested in picking this book up! The book’s ending was not as well executed as the rest of the book, in my opinion, but maybe you’ll enjoy it more than I did! I just thought that an ending a little farther in the future would have been better, since this ending felt a bit rushed in some ways, and was a set up for the next story following a different character, instead of a true resolution for Samiah and Daniel’s story.


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