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The wonderful Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea tagged us last month to talk about some of our good reading habits! Normally, our good habits don’t include promptly responding to tags, but to stay on-brand with the tag title we decided to do this one as a good blogger would. (Meaning not 4-11 months after they were tagged.) It also felt like a time where it would be nice to focus on positive things, like what we think we’re good at reading-wise. Obviously, everything we listed is subjective, but that’s the fun of the tag!  

At some things


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Good at finding a random detail from chapters ago

I honestly think this is a superpower of mine. Whenever I have an utterly random, yet super specific thing I want to look up like a line that suddenly became important, or a minor character’s introduction when I’ve forgotten who they are, I am super speedy at finding said item. I usually can remember if this detail was mentioned on the right or left page, and the general area it would have been presented, and then it’s just a matter of skimming for a minute or two until I find what I was looking for. This may be the reason why I prefer physical books over e-books. When I want to find something in an e-book I find the search bar to be no match for my detail seeking prowess!

Good at only requesting ARCs I’m interested in

This is something I’m very proud of, that came from me learning from my mistakes. I started out on NetGalley requesting ALL the books. And then I realized I had to review them and I wasn’t interested in all of them. So now when I request a book, I do so with a great deal of thought. I don’t love writing reviews, but I find it’s a lot easier to write one if I love a book, so my requests are few and limited only to my most anticipated releases. It’s rare for me to have more than 2-3 pending requests on NetGalley because I know that if I’m accepted for all the books, I have to read and review them all, and I like keeping reviewing as something that is low pressure for me.

Good at instantly deciding if I’d like a book

Now I know that this one may seem like a bad thing like I take one look at a book and either buy it or toss it in the trash, but I assure you that is not the case. It’s just that I’ve gotten very good at reading synopsis and reviews and using that knowledge to make an informed decision. And if I’m on the fence about the book, I tend to get it from the library, and usually, within 10-30 pages, I’ve made a decision about whether or not I’d like a book. Of course, I can’t love every book I read, but this method has provided me with lots of great reads, where I don’t spend much time on books I don’t think I would enjoy.


Good at trying out other genres 

I’ve never really been one to stick to one genre, and I think that that’s a good thing! Sometimes trying out other genres will backfire, but most times I get to discover amazing books that I probably wouldn’t have touched if I just stuck to Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I’ve found out that I do enjoy the occasional thriller, and that I really like contemporary too! There are obviously some books that I’ll end up enjoying more than others just because I’m more used to that genre, but I’m happy that I’ve stopped refusing books just because they’re in a genre I don’t read so often. 

Good at reading on the go

One thing that I’ve always been super grateful for is that I’m able to read on the go. Back when school was in person, I’d have to commute for an hour and fifteen minutes each way every day, and being able to read on my phone was really great since I was able to occupy my time and get some reading done! I have to admit though that I’m not the best at all forms of on the go reading since reading in cars usually equals motion sickness. But since I live in the city, I basically never use a car, so it’s all good! 

Good at lending my books to people

I’ve seen some people that say that they won’t lend their books to people because of trust issues concerning their books, and I totally get that, but I really enjoy lending out my books! Mainly, I do it so that I can force my friends and family to read the books I like, but it does also have the added benefit of freeing up space on my shelf so that I can acquire more books. Another benefit is that through lending books I have been able to force several people to read books with more diverse representation, which is always a win. 

Me forcing my favorite books on people

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When we were looking for people to tag we noticed that there are lots of bloggers that already did this tag! So we decided not to tag anyone specific, but since everyone has good reading habits, if you haven’t already talked about how wonderful you are, consider yourself tagged!

Also, you may have noticed that we haven’t been super prompt at responding to comments and haven’t been blog hopping recently. That’s because school has become incredibly hectic as we’re entering our last month of the semester. But the second that things get less crazy we can’t wait to start blog hopping and seeing all your wonderful posts again! Thankfully there’s an end in sight!

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 What are some of your good reading habits? Do we share any? Do you often try out new genres?


27 thoughts on “The Good Reading Habits Tag

    1. Same here! I read maaaybe one non-fiction book a year? But usually I like switching between fiction genres. It definitely helps keep away reading slumps, and it’s great for mood reading 😁

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    1. Thank you! I’m so thankful that I’m able to find all these small details so easily! Reading would be a lot less fun if it took me several hours to track down a minor character after I picked a book back up after a few weeks! And that’s awesome that you read a variety of genres! I tend to stick more to the genres I know and love!

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    1. Aaah, I need to ask Malka to train me in the detail finding power because it would be *so helpful* for finding proof in book-related arguments 😂 Trying other genres works really well for me because I mood read a lot, and that tends to include me switching between whatever genre I’m in the mood for. There have also been so many books I’ve tried out and enjoyed in genres I thought I would hate!


  1. I have so much respect for the fact that you two did this tag a month after I tagged you. my disorganized ass cannot relate 😭 but I loved reading this post so much!! you two have some excellent reading habits! i feel like Malka’s superpower at finding random details is similar to my superpower of never having to use bookmarks 😎 & i like to think that i’m good at picking books I’ll like too!! granted, my most used rating is 3 stars, meaning that most of the books I read are middle of the road. But I’m such a picky reader that if I were less good at picking books to add to my TBR, I’d probably have a LOT more 2 and 3 star reads

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    1. Don’t be too impressed! We still have quite a few tags from 2019 that we still haven’t gotten around to! I just loved the concept of this tag so much that I wanted to do it immediately! I’m so happy that you tagged us! 💕

      Do you think we could star in a YA fantasy because of our awesome superpowers? I’m not sure how much use these skills would be at defeating some unknown evil, but I’m sure these superpowers would be useful somehow!

      I think that having mostly 3 stars is pretty good! Every book can’t be a favorite, and at least to me a 3 star means that I enjoyed a book a lot more than I disliked it, which I consider to be a win! I think for me a big factor is that I know pretty much from the beginning of a book if it it isn’t for me, in which case I put it down, and it saves me from having to give 1 and 2 star ratings! Apparently being picky about the books you finish is the key to living a happy life! (Or at least the key to higher ratings.)


  2. Finding details in book is really a superpower! I have to use sticky tab for that, and that’s just to mark the important points. I can’t relate 😂

    I’d like to think that I’m getting good at picking up books I’m gonna like as well 😊

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    1. I honestly feel so lucky to have been blessed with this superpower! It comes in handy most often when I put down a book for a while, and then need to refresh my memory about minor characters and such. I noticed a while back that I was pretty good at finding those small details, and I thought it was super cool, so I’m happy this tag gave me a chance to share my weird skill!

      It truly is an art! It took me quite a few years to figure out my reading preferences, but at this point I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out if a book sounds like something I’d enjoy! I’m so glad to hear we share this skill!

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  3. i love this post!! i relate a lot to malka’s habits — i usually have a good idea of whether or not i’ll like a book and then can stay away from the ones that make me a little skeptical (though of course there are some good surprises/disappointments sometimes!). i’m also pretty great at only requesting arcs i’m interested in, but i think that can be accredited to my recent indifference to arcs overall lmao. i wish i was more like you though, chana, with reading on the go! i always just end up using my phone rather than reading 😭

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    1. Thank you, May! 💕

      Yeah, I don’t have 100% accuracy when it comes to figuring out if I’ll like a book, but I think I do a pretty good job! For the most part I enjoy the books I read, and I rarely have books that I rate 1 or 2 stars. I think it’s mostly that I’ve come to recognize the tropes and keywords that I love versus ones that I hate, and it makes it easier for me to pretty simply figure out if I’d like a book or not. But as you said, there are always some surprises, both good and bad!

      I think for me I’m not the biggest fan of e-arcs, and the pressure that I feel from NetGalley to keep my ratio high. I also think that the fact that I need to review books makes me super wary of requesting books, because I know it comes with strings attached. I also tend to only get SUPER excited about a few books every year, so I try to only request those most anticipated books, which cuts down the amount of ARCs that I request pretty drastically.

      And I’m the same way with reading on the go. My phone is just too distracting! Plus, I’m super sensitive to noise, and when I’m out and about it’s usually pretty noisy, which means I’m practically incapable of reading!

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  4. Wow, I wish I had better good reading habits because honestly, I feel like I don’t have any though. It’s a great way to be more positive about yourselves though. Malka, wow, that is such a specific skill being able to find stuff quickly in a book. Incredibly useful, though. And Chana, I wish I was better about lending books to people but so often my books are ebooks now and I can’t .

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    1. When we were trying to answer this tag we realized that “good” reading habits are basically whatever you want them to be, so we pretty much made up whatever came to mind 😂 Which is why that tag ended up being so fun to do!

      I’ve started taking out a lottt of books from the ebook library which has lessened some of the books I lend out, but I’m happy for the ones I have physical copies of. I especially like giving the books I read when I was younger to all my younger cousins 😁


  5. I am impressed with ALL of these! Especially knowing whether you want to keep reading a book- you should teach classes on that, Malka! Actually, ditto the ARC thing. Nearly 7 years later and I still can’t get myself under control! Chana, I agree that trying out multiple genres is a good thing! And WOW you can lend books!?!? That is like, unicorn behavior in the book world, I think! I have literally bought people their own copies of books rather than lend my own 😂

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    1. I am also so bad with self-control and ARCs! Every time I log into Netgalley I’m in danger because there are so many good books that I want to read 😂

      Honestly, I’ve been burned several times with lending books but my urge to force people to read the books I want them to overpowers the protectiveness over my books 😅 I do have to get better at keeping track of what I lend though because I tend to forget and then remember months later that I don’t know where the book is.


    1. Hahah, thank you! I can’t believe we got to it so quickly!! 😂😂 We usually end up backlogging tags for ages (unintentionally, of course), so the biggest good habit here is that we ended up getting to it so fast!


  6. Your skill surely can be very helpful for review, analysis, stuff like that. And writing too! When you need some reference for a particular scene.

    And yeay!! It truly feels great when you enjoy reading most books of your choice.

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      1. It’s funny though! Most of my reviews are for NetGalley books, and I don’t have this power for e-books! So unfortunately I don’t get to use this skill for reviews too much. 😕

        Yup! Even if I don’t love everything I read, I’m really happy that when I look back at my reading each month it’s usually an overall positive experience!

        And no worries! I’ve made that mistake a few times myself!

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  7. Ahhh thank you for doing the tag! My brother is the same about finding details, it’s so weird?? He’ll literally be like “no, she has blue eyes, it’s mentioned in the second book” and then can find whereabouts in that book that detail is mentioned. I think it is a super power tbh

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    1. I had so much fun doing this tag! Thank you so much for coming up with something so positive and creative!

      I don’t know if I’ve quite reached your brother’s level yet! Character descriptions still trip me up every time! But if I’m ever uncertain I could probably find the detail again. I just might not remember it! Every superpower has its limitation after all!

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  8. Ah this is such a great tag and I loved the little habits you both have!
    Malka: I am SO impressed by the fact that you can find random details again just like that, my memory really sucks when it comes to this. Also, when I have a physical copy, I’ll sometimes skim through the pages to get to what I want, but it will take me a looooooooooong time hahahaha 🙂
    Chana: I’m impressed that you’re able to read from so many different genres! I’m always a little wary about getting into other kind of books, I’m used to my comfort zone and a little nervous to spend money and time on books I’m not certain to like haha 🙂
    Loved this post! 🙂

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    1. I totally understand that! It’s a bit of a blessing and a curse if I’m being totally honest. Because I’ll take whatever recommendations from people and sometimes I’ll really enjoy reading something different, but other times it’ll be something I absolutely hate. It also doesn’t combine well with the fact that I’m not very good at DNFing. I’m trying to get better at it because even if I didn’t end up spending money on a book, the time that I put into reading something I hate could just be spent reading something I love 😅

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