The Netflix Book Tag + Some Netflix Recommendations

Unfortunately, because of the current situation around the world many of us are holed in our homes right now. And what’s the best thing to do when you’re home and need a distraction from the outside world? Watch Netflix!

The Netflix Book Tag was created by A Darker Shade Of Whitney and we were tagged to answer all these creative questions by Siobhan @ Novelties quite a while ago because we never manage to do tags on time. But apparently the timing worked out because today we’re not only answering the tag questions, we’re also recommending some thing to watch on Netflix, since there isn’t much else to do at the moment besides read and watch TV! We hope you enjoy, and as per usual, all covers link to Goodreads!

Recently Watched | The Last Book You Finished


When the Stars Lead to You

I just finished this one yesterday, even though I started it months ago. To be honest I had a lot of issues with it and was considering writing a whole review about why I disliked it. But then I saw it didn’t have a lot of ratings, and felt weird writing a review when I haven’t written one in a while, just to put down a book that already isn’t getting much love.


48773885. sy475

I finished this book 2 days ago and oh my gossssh, I love TJ Klune’s books so much!! It kind of feels like I finished the series, even though TJ Klune has said that he hopes to continue it by following other characters someday. Regardless, I’m sad that I’m finished, but also happy because The Heart in the Cerulean Sea came out yesterday, so now I can read that!

Top Picks | A Book That Has Been Recommended to You Based on What You’ve Previously Read


The Starless Sea

If you’re wondering who recommended this one to me, I recommended this one to myself. And yes, that totally counts as an acceptable answer. I think I’m going to love this one because of how everyone keeps describing the writing style. I love atmospheric and lyrical writing. I’ve enjoyed books like Station Eleven, All the Light We Cannot See, and Strange the Dreamer because of the writing, even though those books aren’t in genres I tend to reach for. So I’m recommending myself The Starless Sea by comparing it to writing styles that may or may not be similar.



A friend of mine has been trying to get me to read The Wheel of Time series for a while since I tend to enjoy fantasy. But I usually stay away from series that have too many books/spin-offs (unless they’re written by Rick Riordan obviously).

Recently Added | The Last Book You Purchased


The How and the Why

I picked this book up because I had heard great things, and I knew it featured adoption, which is a topic I love reading about. Plus I’m a little bit obsessed with this cover, so there definitely was an element of a cover buy. But I’m very proud because I purchased this book just a few weeks ago, so I’d like a round of applause for having already read it this month.



Jade War was published in paperback on February 27th, which meant it was time for me to buy it and eventually read it. Right now it’s just sitting pretty on my shelf, so maybe in 8 months, I’ll get around to reading it?

Popular on Netflix | Books That Everyone Knows (Two You’ve Read, and Two You Have No Interest in Reading)


Fangirl The Kiss Quotient Caraval Daisy Jones & the Six

I think these are all pretty popular. In case you couldn’t guess which ones I’ve read, and which ones I haven’t, let me help you out. Hi, my name is Malka and two of my favorite books are Fangirl and The Kiss Quotient.

As for why I have no interest in Caraval and Daisy Jones, well, I just don’t think these books/series are for me. I’m pretty picky when it comes to the books I’m interested in, and I’m even pickier when books aren’t from my favorite genres of YA contemporary or adult romance. I was going to just pick fantasy books, but I figured that everyone knows I don’t reach for fantasy, so I threw in a historical fiction book to throw everyone off.


43263680 33294200. sy475   26032912. sy475 256683. sy475

So two popular books that I have read, are Ninth House and The Poet X. Two that I haven’t read are The Queen of Nothing and City of Bones. For Queen of Nothing, I feel like I might eventually read it since I’ve read the first two books in the series. But it’ll be more of a, oh look it’s here and I have nothing else to read sort of thing.

Comedies | A Funny Book


The Bromance Book Club

I read this book last year, and I didn’t really love the romance aspect. But this book was hilarious, so I’m glad I read it just for all the laughs! In fact, I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted to read this book in the first place, but after I tried a chapter or two and spent the time laughing to myself, I gave it a try.


48828842. sy475

The entire Tales from Verenia series is quite funny. There’s so much witty banter and puns throughout the entire series. And it’s not cheating for me to answer with two different books from the same series, because they are two different books.

Dramas | A Character Who Is a Drama Queen/King


An Enchantment of Ravens

I read this book a few years ago and my memory isn’t the greatest, but from what I remember, Rook was definitely a drama queen. He was affronted by every little thing and had very delicate sensibilities. I normally don’t like drama queens, but Rook is a definite exception.



I feel like every character in Anna K except for Dustin is a drama king/queen. I mean the amount of drama that occurs in this book alone! Wow. It’s a lot.

Animated | A Book with Cartoons on the Cover



At first I wasn’t going to mention a graphic novel as my answer because that seemed too easy. But then I saw Cub, which I read earlier this month, and I had to choose it! It has a newspaper on the cover! And you know what you find in newspapers? Cartoons! So this was really the perfect answer, because you got a 2 for 1 dosage of cartoons when you really think about it.



I LOVE covers that are illustrated or have any for of cartoonishness to them. That’s one of the reasons that I decided to read Only Mostly Devastated. I ended up loving the book, as you can see in my review.

Watch It Again | A Book or Series You Want to Reread


Sick Kids in Love

I love rereading my favorites, and as a new addition onto my favorites list, I haven’t yet had a chance to read this one for a second time. But since I gave my ARC to Chana so she could read it, I don’t think this reread will be happening for a while. Unless, I cave and buy myself a finished copy, of course!


40170373. sy475

I’m kind of in the mood of rereading The Boy Who Steals Houses. I am hoping to get some reading done while I’m stuck at home, but I’ll probably just stress about midterms instead.

Documentaries | A Nonfiction Book You’d Recommend to Everyone


Make Good Art

I really like non-fiction books, but I don’t think there are many I’d recommend to everyone. A lot of the non-fiction I read are either memoirs or super scientific. Make Good Art is neither of those things. It’s a fantastic speech that Neil Gaiman gave about making art, and the book is a work of art itself. Not just the writing, but the formatting is super weird and beautiful and just perfectly fits in with the message this book is conveying. In fact, just mentioning this book made me go to my bookshelves and start rereading it. (Since I finished it, this technically became my most recent read, but for obvious reasons I didn’t use it as my answer earlier. But I loved this book just as much upon reread. Still would 10/10 recommend.)


44174268. sy475

I really don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but I loved Molly’s Game. It might be a little bit of a cheat since this book feels like it shouldn’t be real. It’s a great book, and the movie adaptation is also fantastic. If you like fiction that involved cons and poker, maybe try reading Molly’s Game.

Action and Adventure | An Action-Packed Book or Series


10 Blind Dates

I don’t like action-packed books. They make me feel exhausted. And most action-packed books tend to be fantasy, and I couldn’t think of one I wanted to mention. But then I remembered 10 Blind Dates, which follows Sophie as she’s set up on 10 consecutive blind dates by her extended family. Now as an introvert, that sounds pretty action-packed and exhausting to me!


24885832. sy475

I want to preface by saying that I didn’t really love this book. Now that that’s out of the way, so many things happen! I mean it covers about 60 years, so action is bound to get packed in. But still. I also just took the second one out from the library and it is 800 pages  long. I do not have the mental capacity to tackle that right now, so I’ll probably read the second one in a few months.

New Releases | A Book That Just Came Out or Will Be Coming Out Soon That You Can’t Wait to Read


Take a Hint, Dani Brown

This might be my most anticipated book of 2020! I’m always on the lookout for new romances, and since I adored Get a Life, Chloe Brown, I can’t wait to follow her sister in this one. Plus the cover is so bright and cheerful, that I get happy every time I look at it!


37800107. sy475

I’m not super caught up on all the upcoming releases, but I am excited for The Friend Scheme! The cover is pretty and I know that there’s some kind of crime involved, so sign me up.

Screenshot (36)

We’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about how much they’re going to read now that they’re stuck at home, but we all know that we’re probably going to spend more time on Netflix than with a book. So we thought as a way to help you guys out with that we could share some of our favorite shows/movies that are on Netflix right now!

Comedy Specials

Image result for john mulaney kid gorgeous Image result for trevor noah  son of patricia Image result for gabriel iglesias netflix specials Image result for gad gone wild

Chana loves watching comedy specials on Netflix! They’re all super funny so we decided to recommend a few of her favorites! (Malka has also watched all of John Mulaney’s works and she approves.)

TV Shows

Image result for umbrella academy Image result for queer eye Image result for schitts creek Image result for great british bake off netflix

We’ve included a wide array of genres for TV shows:

If you like sci-fi and banter with a wonderful soundtrack, you’d probably like The Umbrella Academy. If you enjoy reality shows, Queer Eye is something you should check ou,t if you haven’t already. If you’d like a comedy, Schitt’s Creek is definitely the show for you. And if you just want a relaxing show that’s technically a competition, The Great British Baking Show is the perfect choice.


Image result for the fundamentals of caring Image result for black mirror bandersnatch Image result for death at a funeral Image result for kate and leopold

For movies, we also included a bunch of different options. Death at a Funeral is a comedy, that is really funny. The Fundamentals of Caring is more slice of life, and Paul Rudd’s in it, so what’s not to like? Kate and Leopold is a really cute rom-com. And last but not least there’s Bandersnatch, a very cool choose your own adventure movie.

We hope these recommendations will help stave off some of the cabin fever and boredom! And whether you’re in the mood for talking about books or what you’re currently watching on Netflix, chat with us about how you’re passing the time!

Screenshot (25)

What book would you recommend us based on what we’ve previously liked? What book do you want to reread? What book did you just finish? What are you currently watching on Netflix?


23 thoughts on “The Netflix Book Tag + Some Netflix Recommendations

    1. I love Rook too! I loved watching his relationship with Isobel develop throughout that book! They were so cute!

      I haven’t heard of that show before! Although that’s not surprising, since I’m terrible at keeping up with all the movies and shows out there. What’s it about?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a lot of fun to complete, although a bit more difficult than I thought it would be at first glance.

      I hope you pick up Make Good Art! That book is just perfection! And I’m saving my reread of The Name of the Wind for whenever book 3 ends up getting released!


  1. this is such a creative tag!! i love it. i absolutely agree that you’re allowed to recommend a book to yourself (especially if its starless sea that book is just magic) you’re so right, the writing is atmospheric and lyrical and so dreamlike, i really think you’ll love it!!

    fangirl and the kiss quotient absolutely deserve to be favourite books omg theyre both so well written and the level of characterization!! absolute excellence.

    queen of nothing was an interesting read for me, i really loved the series but for some reason it fell the flat (i still enjoyed it, just not as much as the other two) but i do hope you end up loving it if you do get to it! i want to read ‘the boy who steals houses’ SO BADLY!!! i hope you’re able to get to it soon

    i loved reading your answers for this tag! hope you’re both doing well and staying safe and healthy ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you approve of my unorthodox recommendation methods! And I’m very happy to hear that my recommendations seems to be actually based on facts! Lyrical and dreamlike writing is my favorite!

      Yesssss! I’m realizing more and more that characterization is so important to me. At this point I barely care if a book has a plot. As soon as I hear that it focuses heavily on the characters, I’m sold! Plus, these two books in particular feature romances that I adore with all my heart!

      It always takes me forever to answer tags because I want to make sure I have the perfect answer for each question or prompt, so I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed what I ended with! Social distancing sucks, but we’re hanging in there! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy as well! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this tag, super fun, and appropriate to the times.
    I especially like the 2 books you’re not interested in reading cause there are so many books that are popular and 100% the opposite of what I’d like.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah exactly! Sometimes I’ll be totally uninterested in a book but because it’s SO hyped up I end up forcing myself to read it and then realize that I was right about not being interested in the first place 😅 So now I try not to force myself to read things that I don’t want to.


  3. I really need to go on a John Mulaney binge! These days, every-time my sister say something remotely funny, she’s quoting a John Mulaney bit 😂. Also, Queer Eye is what reality TV should be 🥺💕. If you all haven’t seen it, The Circle is really good! It’s another example of good reality tv 🙂.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha, that’s what me and my brother do! Pretty much everything is a John Mulaney quote 😂 Ugh, I love Queer Eye so much! I binged like 3 seasons of it in the summer and everything about it is just so pure 😍

      I started The Circle! I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but I definitely have to continue it. I’m super interested to see what happens to the catfishers 👀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope you two are doing well! 💗 Thank you for the Netflix recommendations! Sadly, I’m too poor for Netflix, but my family might actually subscribe just to alleviate our boredom from quarantine, haha. (I’m just thinking of how Netflix is now richer than ever because of the amount of people staying at home to avoid getting sick.)
    Ah, so many books I want to read in this post 🥰 I’d love to read something by T.J. Klune some time! I think I’m gonna start with Wolfsong! I’m also currently reading Sick Kids In Love, & I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHHHHHH. It’s so cute, and I love how it doesn’t just follow a couple falling in love, but also follows them figuring out how to be in a relationship 🥺 the representation is also so, so, so, so, SO good, but at the same time, the characters aren’t defined by their illnesses. I actually got the recommendation to read it from this blog, so thank you so much for that 💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!💕 I’m hanging in there, but really I wish my professors would lighten up their work load a little to accommodate. It’s adding quite a bit of unnecessary stress into my life. I hope that you’re doing okay, as well!

      I’ve never felt so grateful to have access to all my brother’s subscriptions to various streaming services! If your family does end up getting a Netflix subscription, I hope you find lots of shows to enjoy! (But yes, it’s insane how much some corporations are profiting off this mess, while most small business are struggling.)

      CAITLIN! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! 😍 I’m so excited that I was the one who recommended Sick Kids in Love to you! It’s my life’s mission to get as many people as possible to read that book, and I’m so glad to hear that I’ve already succeeded! I think that book is so cute, handles disability and illness so well, and I just love everything about it! The amount of nuance and growth that book has is just amazing! I think it’s such an underrated book, so I’m very happy to hear that you’re loving it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This was so fun to read! I haven’t read or watched pretty much any of these, but I’ll definitely be remedying that over this break 😅, especially the Netflix recs. I LOOOOOOOVED The Boy Who Steals Houses, though!!


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahhh this is my new favorite rec post! 😍😍 Also perfect for the self-quarantine that’s been going on. I got rid of Netflix to switch to DisneyPlus, but I’ve had Netflix for years and loved it. Thanks for this awesome post, girls! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yesss, I got Disney+ a few months ago and I love it! I originally got it just so that I could watch The Mandalorian 😅 But I do like how there’s easy access to all the Disney classics on there. My mother was also super glad they added Frozen 2 last week so that my siblings could be entertained for two hours straight 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. aahh i need to read jade war soon!! i’ve been thinking about jade city more recently, and i really want to know what happened to all the characters (omg i’ve forgotten all their names lmao). and i love that you recommended the starless sea to myself — i feel like i’ve done that as well and i Really need to get around to reading it after having to take a break from it in january!

    currently i’m watching a Lot of criminal minds on netflix haha, but i also watched love is blind with my friends the other day (i did not enjoy it, as expected lmao) and moonlight (which was amazing)!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha, I *always* forget characters names. Whether it’s a TV show, book, or movie, I am just atrocious at remembering names 😅

      Ooh, I tried Love is Blind too, just for funsies and gosh, the cringggeeee. My mom made me shut it off because she said that she couldn’t take that amount of stupidity in her house 😂 Aah, I didn’t realize that Moonlight was on Netflix! It’s been on my list since it came out (omg that was 4 years ago), so I’ll probably get around to watching it sometime soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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