Do Your Reviews Impact My Reading?

At this point, I’ve posted quite a few blog posts about my picky reading tastes. I don’t like drama, I don’t always read hyped books etc, etc. And I am completely fine sharing those opinions with you on the blog. The problem arises when it comes to reading other people’s reviews of individual books. While discussions are my preferred form of content, from time to time I’ll check out reviews from bloggers we follow. And I’ve discovered that many times I end up in a super awkward position. Because the review was amazing, but I find that I still don’t want to read the book.

oscars should i read it i dont think i will GIF by The Academy Awards

Me after I read a glowing, five-star review of a book

Now the reason this is a tricky position is because I want to leave a comment letting the blogger know how much I enjoyed their review, but I don’t want to leave a generic “Great review!”, I want to leave something more personal. Especially since I’ve come across so many fantastic reviews of books that I have no interest in reading. I’m not going to lie and say, “Can’t wait to read this one!” because that’s just rude. I have no intention of reading that book.

So what do I do in these cases?

I’m still working on it, but here’s what I tend to do. Sometimes I take the easy way out and just don’t comment, or give a generic comment. I hate when I do this, especially since I sometimes have more to say and loved specific aspects of a review, but when the words aren’t coming, it’s the best I can do. When I’m able to think a bit more creatively, I tend to say that a review intrigued me. And it’s true! I am intrigued! I want to read other reviews and hear people talk about it now! It sounds really cool! It just doesn’t sound like my thing. 

the simpsons episode 6 GIF

How I feel about half the books I read reviews for

But I really want some other way of expressing how I feel, because intrigue makes it seem like I want to read it now, and that’s not quite true. That’s part of the reason why I’m writing this post. Because now you’ll know that if I ever comment telling you how wonderful a review is, that does not mean I will read the book. I might recommend it to others. Or tell people I haven’t heard good things. It all depends on the book. But I myself won’t necessarily read it. 

My struggle to express myself properly while commenting on reviews, goes one step further when I say I added a book to my TBR. Because in this case I may actually end up reading the book! 

Usually when I say I added a book to my TBR it means that I either added it to Goodreads to remind myself to read it, added it to my mental TBR to look out for it at a bookstore, or I requested it from the library. But none of these things mean I will necessarily read a book. Even if I get a book from the library, I can read the first page, not like it, and send it back. So I might tell you that I can’t wait to read a book, but then when I actually get the book, I don’t want to read it anymore.

dont judge me daniel radcliffe GIF

Me when I return a book after trying two pages

So now back to the title of this post. Do your reviews impact my reading? Yes and no. If a book isn’t my thing in the first place, I won’t read it no matter how fabulous the review is. If I was on the fence about a book, or a book sounds like my cup of tea, the book may make its way onto my TBR. Once it’s there, it may wait there a while and eventually get removed without me reading a page. Or I can read a page and decide it’s not worth my time. But every once in a while we have those rare gems, where I pick up a book that was recommended to me and read it cover to cover! That scenario is the reason that I read reviews from time to time in the first place. It might not happen very often, but there’s nothing better than finding the perfect book from a blogger you trust!

Paper Procrastinators is currently on hiatus, but we’ll be back on August 25th!

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Do you ever come across a great review of a book you don’t want to read? Which book did you love that was recommended by a blogger? Do you like reading reviews? Any suggestions for my commenting woes?


32 thoughts on “Do Your Reviews Impact My Reading?

  1. This is such an amazing post!
    I totally get where you are coming from, I don’t like leaving generic responses so I don’t always leave a comment on a review as I would with a discussion or a tag.
    – Emma 🙂

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    1. My problem with generic comments is I’m unsure how to get my sincerity across. I don’t like leaving comments that I feel don’t accurately express how I feel. But I try as much as possible to leave a form of acknowledgment or encouragement!

      And I really love how you phrased that! Would I be able to use your wording, or some variation of it, in the future?


  2. I’m actually one of those rare people who love reading reviews even though I probably won’t be reading them either. And actually I tend to say I’m intrigued too. I don’t like to say I’m going to read a book which I’m not really even thinking about either. It rings false to me. ❤️ You’re right though… what is a nice thing to say without sounding generic? I tend to mention something they said in the review. Especially if that causes me to know for sure I’m not going to be reading it, because it really was helpful to me, Lovely discussion Malka!!

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    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one using the word intrigued in these cases! But I like mentioning things that were said in the review as well. I just find it tricky to balance mentioning a cool premise in a book that was discussed in the review, without making it seem like I now intend to read the book. I never want to mislead anyone!

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed!

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  3. What an interesting and thought-provoking post! I love reading book reviews, but don’t necessarily want to read the books. I try to comment that I enjoyed the review, mention something specific in the review that I want to reply to, and usually will say something along the lines of adding to my TBR if I am interested or that it doesn’t sound like it is a book for me.

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    1. Thank you! I have a very similar method of commenting except for that last part. I feel weird commenting that I don’t want to read a book on a review, since I feel like the purpose of a review is to get people to want to read a book. But I also feel like if I don’t say anything at all, people will assume I want to read the book. It’s mostly me overthinking things, but it still keeps me from commenting at times.


  4. This is such a lovely discussion, Malka! ❤ I absolutely see where you are coming from, and have found myself in similar positions before, when reading reviews from other bloggers! Sometimes there are books that I don't think will be my cup of tea, even though I LOVED a blogger's review of it. I have odd personal preferences sometimes, and know that there are a couple elements in books that no matter how well executed, just won't be for me.

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    1. Thank you! Exactly! It’s all about personal preferences! I’ve been moving away from most fantasies recently, and so even though I’ve come across some super cool fantasy reviews, for example, I still don’t want to read them. That’s why I try to convey how awesome the review was without making it seem like I now intend on reading the book!


  5. ok but sis, that struggle is REAL. i come across so many amazing reviews on a daily basis and like, i GET why the person adores the book so much and i can see people loving it but it STILL doesn’t really vibe with the kind of book I wanna read. i’m usually like, “YO ILY this was great” but yeah, i may still add it to my tbr if I’m ever in the mood but mostly wouldn’t read it

    not the generic but genuine, GREAT POST 😂💛

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    1. Your comment made me laugh! It definitely feels genuine!

      I’m so happy to hear that this is a relatable struggle! I thought I was the only one who saw fantastic reviews and still had no interest in a book! Which seems silly now that I think about it, since everyone has different reading tastes.

      Thank you! 💕

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  6. I felt this post!! Back then, when I was pressuring myself to blog hop and comment on every post on my reader, I commented on reviews of books that weren’t on my TBR. I’d say that I was interested in reading the book in my comment, or even outright lie and say that I’ve already added it to my TBR, but I’ve realized how fake that is and have since stopped. I think it’s because reviews are *really* hard to comment on if you haven’t read a book or don’t want to read it.

    Even though I read a glowing review of a book, I’m probably not gonna want to read it if it’s not in my preferred genre. Or if I know that I won’t really like it. However, some reviewers are so talented about reviewing. Literally one five star review from them will make me immediately add the book to my TBR! Great discussion!!

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    1. It’s so difficult! Because if you haven’t read a book then you can’t discuss how your opinion differs or is similar to the one mentioned in the review! And it’s weird to just leave a comment saying that you have no interest in a book. It needs something else!

      And I’m the exact same way! I know my reading tastes well and there is VERY little anyone can do to convince me to branch out. It’s super rare for any review to sway me into reading a book I decided not to read beforehand. Although there have been a few books that I hadn’t heard of and normally wouldn’t reach for, but a glowing review convinced me to try them out.

      Thank you!


  7. I have to say, when I clicked on this post this was not what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it nevertheless! I tend to stay away from reviews of books that I don’t think I’ll read, that way I kind of avoid this problem. But there are definitely cases where I want to leave a comment but struggle with what to say, even with other posts too; because I want to say I enjoyed it, great post etc, but it can feel generic so I try to start with that and then add more post-specific comments? (I write this half cringing because I basically just described my commenting formula to you as you can tell by this comment)

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    1. Sorry for the click-baiting! I’m glad you still enjoyed it!

      I used to ignore reviews unless I had read the book, but at some point I started reading reviews of books I hadn’t read every one and a while. I think with any other post I can usually find something to say, but reviews have to be specifically about the book, so it makes them more difficult to comment on. And I have my formulas as well! I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all! I think having a structure helps me organize my thoughts in an easier manner. And as long as I change up the actual content of the comment, I don’t think it matters if there’s a formula behind it!

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      1. Yeah that’s true, it’s usually a bit easier if there are questions left at the end of the post for prompting and such 🙂 I try to avoid reading too many reviews of books I plan to read soon because I’m really easily swayed by others’ opinions.

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  8. That was such an interesting post, and it really spoke to me. I mostly only read reviews of books I’m already interested in and that look like it might interest me. Do I always add it to my TBR? No. And like you, I’ve struggled with commenting. What I know is, as a blogger, I would not be offended if you said what part of the review you enjoyed but ended by saying that because the novel isn’t your thing, you probably won’t read it.That’s completely valid, not every book is for everyone and you cannot be expected to read every book you read a review of. And if my review helped you decide if you wanted to pick up the novel or not? That’s great. Reviews are here for that, to help you decide. ♥

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    1. Thank you! I love when I post something that I’m insecure about because I think only I deal with it, only to find out that other people struggle with this as well.

      I really love your outlook on things! I think up until now I was fixated on the idea that reviews are meant to get people to read a book, and I didn’t want anyone to think their review wasn’t useful. But you’re absolutely right! Reviews are here to help me decide if I want to read a book or not, which means that I’m only going to read it if it sounds like something I would enjoy! It’s a matter of personal preference!


  9. I definitely get what you mean with this! It always seems like when you’re commenting on a review you have to say that you’re going to read it, but that isn’t necessarily always true. But I personally don’t mind generic ‘great review!’ comments that just let me know someone enjoyed my review, or even someone saying ‘I liked your review, but the book doesn’t seem like my kind of thing’.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that people don’t mind more generic comments! But I think for myself, I like when I’m able to verbalize exactly what I liked. Although, I think I’m going to be saying ‘I liked your review, but the book doesn’t seem like my kind of thing’ more often now!


  10. I definitely relate to this post! Sometimes a blogger has written a great review and they’re clearly passionate about the book… But I can see the book isn’t for me. It’s a sticky situation and end up just leaving a like usually.

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  11. Ahh what an interesting, thought-provoking post, I love it so much. (and sorry I’m late on commenting, I’ve been slacking a lot lately, ugh). Anyway. This is such a great post and I can relate to it, sometimes I will read reviews for books I don’t know and. realize that they’re not my kind of read at all, but I still find myself wanting to support the blogger, because I loved reading their review, because I found out about something thanks to them, because they made me realize a book isn’t for me (this happens a lot, sometimes I think a book might be great, then I read a review and I’m like…. nooooooo haha). I’m trying to share that in the comments while still supporting their review, but sometimes I’m just at a loss for words, so I just like the post, supporting the review and the blogger silently when something isn’t quite for me 🙂

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    1. Thank you! ❤ (Don’t worry about it! We’re playing catch up after our hiatus and failing miserably.)

      And that’s exactly what I struggle with! I want to support the blogger and tell them how much I enjoyed their review as a separate entity from the book! I usually go into the review knowing I don’t want to read it, but every now and then it’s the review that convinces me. I try to do the same thing with my comments, but every now and then I resort to a like and leave as well!

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  12. I know what you mean about leaving generic comments. Sometimes I’ll say something specific about the review that I liked, even if it doesn’t necessarily spur me to want to read the book. Or I’ll even say something like, “Hmmm… I don’t think this book is for me, but I’m glad that it made you think so much about such and such and it sounds like a really great read.” That way it’s obvious I did actually pay attention to their review, even if the book doesn’t seem like it would work well for me. As for whether or not I’m swayed by reviews, I agree that it depends. There are some books that just aren’t for me and no review will probably make me pick it up. But then there have certainly been times where I didn’t THINK a book would be for me, but a review convinced me.

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    1. Wanting to show that I did actually read the review is definitely a big part of why I dislike leaving generic comments!

      I think for me part of my problem is that I have a lot of genres that I don’t care to read for various reasons, and it’s practically impossible to convince me otherwise. Which means that I don’t even have to have heard of a book before. I could just hear that it’s fantasy featuring lots of death and betrayals and decide never to read the book. It’s very rare for a review to convince me to read a book, but it definitely has happened! It just needs to be a book that fits my criteria!


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