Bookworm Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction?

On Friday it was National Book Lovers Day, a day when bibliophiles are celebrated, and everyone can openly share their love of books with the world. But that got me thinking, don’t book lovers do that every day? There are millions of people out there who love reading and you can see it all the time! Besides for the thousands of people within the book blogging community, there are people who you can observe reading on public transportation and in cafes. Readers and bookworms are everywhere! But for people who aren’t bookworms, we come across as a foreign type of being, a weird cult of people who hideaway with only paper for company, hunched over the pages of a book, squinting to make out the words by the flickering candlelight – which is ridiculous. Come on, it’s the 21st century, we’ve been using oil lamps for years now. 

The ways of bookworms are shrouded by stereotypes, making us seem way more unapproachable than we actually are. Non-bookworms may shy away from us because of these stereotypes and miss out on meeting so many fantastic people. Because of this, I’ve taken it upon myself to single-handedly debunk several of the bookworm stereotypes that may be floating around. So that once again the four nations can live in harmony.


This is 100% true. Think about it extroverts, have you ever met a Bookworm? Bookworms are a reclusive species who only stick to their own kind. They don’t interact with others, and they hiss upon being exposed to light. There may be a time or two where you could have glimpsed a Bookworm on the loose, but this is rare. The only explanation possible for a Bookworm being outside of their reading nook is if they had to rush to a bookstore on release day to get their hands on the copy of a much-anticipated release. Otherwise, you most definitely imagined it. 

Bookworms when approached by a well-meaning extrovert

Screenshot (39)

Personally, I would sell all of my younger siblings (except Eli, he can stay) in exchange for a book. If I had the chance to meet Alexander the Great or to visit the Alexandrian library, I would pick the library any day. The only people that bookworms value more than books are authors because, without authors, there wouldn’t be any more books.

Think about it, 1 book vs. 1 person. 1 book contains a multitude of characters, which offers so many more friends than one person ever can. Does this come across as a bit heartless? Yeah, but bookworms’ hearts only have room for their fictional boyfriends, girlfriends, and OTPs. 

Screenshot (40)

Bookworms are incredibly defensive creatures who are practiced in all types of fictional magic and fighting systems, it would be unwise to approach a bookworm under any circumstances, but it’s even more unadvised when the bookworm is seen with a book in their hand. You would never cross a skunk who had its tail raised or a porcupine with its quills drawn, so too, never interrupt a bookworm while they’re reading. It takes a lot to become immersed in a story, and if you interrupt you are undoing hours of work and preparation. Honestly, if a bookworm attacks you after you interrupt them, expect no sympathy, you brought this upon yourself. 

Screenshot (36)

So, are all the stereotypes about bookworms true? Yes, every single one of them. It’s impossible for a non-bookworm to completely understand the complex intricacies that occur within the bookish community, and if you aren’t a bookworm, I’m sorry to inform you, but you will never understand the elusive readers that creep along the side of your vision, dashing to the nearest safe-house (read: bookstore). But that’s okay, some things just aren’t meant to be understood. As long as you accept bookworms for who they are and respect their obsessions, feigning interest as they rant about their latest fictional crush, then you’re okay in my book. 


What are some other bookworm stereotypes that are totally true? How did you spend your National Book Lovers Day? Do you ever read in the dark?


45 thoughts on “Bookworm Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction?

  1. Extrovert bookworm at your service to debunk all the myths 😂 We are a rare breed, I admit! Though I also don’t really agree with the others either- so maybe there are certain myths that only apply to Introvert Bookworms, and we Extroverts have our own weird set of rules bwhahah. Love this post!

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  2. I’m an introvert bookworm and most of the book lovers I know are introverts as well, but I do know of a few extroverted ones as well! and it feels so odd to say this as an introvert but I actually think I value people more than books — but most of the time I prefer reading rather than social interaction! 😎 but yes, I definitely will be irritated if someone interrupts me! sometimes if someone is talking to me while reading, I just won’t process it at all, but if they are persistent, then I’ll get annoyed haha. great post!! ❤

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  3. These are all too true!
    I think I’m an ambivert, but I still struggle to interect when I am reading XD
    I honestly would trade my sibling and all my left shoes for a decent book.
    Amazing post!
    – Emma 🙂

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    1. Same!! I’ll enjoy socializing, but it’s *so hard* to put down a good book! I’ve been training myself to do it for years, and I’ve almosttt mastered it, but it takes so much self-control 😂 Honestly, I love my siblings, but they cannot compare to a good book 😁

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  4. Awww this was such a fun post Chana!! I detect a hint of the tongue in cheek to your post which I really loved ❤️ I’m certainly the stereotypical introvert bookworm though you get me talking about books to a layman who will listen and they see to think they’ve unleashed a monster, hahaha. However I live with roommates so I am totally used to being interrupted when I read. *GASP* I know… and I don’t bite. hahaha I tend to look up and have the complete conversation so that I can go back to reading. They’ve totally tamed me!

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    1. Haha, yesss!! Anytime someone’s like, oh so you like reading? What books do you like? They are so unprepared for the rants I dive into 😂 Ughhh, that’s so annoying! I have an 11 year old sister who LOVES to ask me questions just as I sit down to start reading, so I get how annoying it is to get interrupted, but I also try to be as civil as possible (though it’s hard sometimes 😉)


  5. Hahaha…this was so much fun to read, Chana! I actually spent most of Friday prepping my classroom to welcome back students for the new year, but I did spend an hour or so at Half Price Books looking for more books to add to my classroom library. I was with a friend, and while browsing books, she mentioned books about faeries kept catching her eye – which led to me asking questions and then recommending books to her even though she didn’t need more to add to her wishlist. I think at least half of the books on her wishlist come from me 😂

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  6. I love this post so much, so relatable 😂 if someone Interrupts me when I’m reading, I find it so damn frustrating 😂 and 200% introvert here, too. I do value some people more than books, though, but there are not that many 😂

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  7. omg i cant believe you exposed us bookworms this badly 😪 we truly are a terrible group of people, running away from socializing and valuing books over people, but you know what, thats the truth and we should be proud of it

    okay but seriously, this was so funny

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    1. It’s just about having our priorities straight. Like sure, some people think that socializing is more important than reading, but where are those people going to be when a dystopian/scifi/fantasy scenario comes at them? We’ll be the ones who survive because we’ve got all the reading know-how 😂😂

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  8. Haha, this post is amazing, and so true! Especially the last one for me. I used to read on my breaks in the staff room at work and someone would always come in and ask “what are you reading?” And even though they were showing an interest, I was always more angry than anything else for having been interrupted. And for having to then try and summarise the book in a few words.
    Great post! 🙂

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    1. I know that when people do that they’re trying to be nice and show interest but it’s soooo annoying 😂 Omg, so true! Whenever someone asks me to summarize a book, especially if it’s a book that I like, I always feel like I don’t do it justice. Thank you!! 💕


    how dare you! well tbh I am well-versed in the Dark Arts- I can list seventeen ways to make you leave my book and I alone. and I would gladly sell my brother for a collector’s edition!
    well, maybe not the last one…

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      1. Not as much as you would think! 😂
        Ah yes, of course! And, of course, the ever-famous children-defeating-grown-men trope *shakes head* they don’t know what they’re going up against!

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