Get to Know Us! The Sunshine and Liebster Blogger Awards

We were nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Rita @ Bookish Rita back in April, so it’s about time we got around to it! But since we’re so behind on tags, we decided to do something a bit unconventional. We’re also doing the Liebster Blogger Award that the lovely Charlotte @ Bewitching Books, Ravenous Reads nominated us for. We noticed that the awards both listed 11 questions, asked for 11 new questions, and had you tag 11 people.

We’ll be answering 22 questions, but sticking to the 11 theme when coming up with questions of our own. However, we’ll be breaking the rules a bit since we’re not going to be tagging 11 people. Instead, we’ll be leaving those questions for you to answer in the comments. Pick one, pick two, pick all 11, we’re curious to hear your answers!

We actually planned on posting this quite a few weeks back, but all the formatting and editing got messed up just a minute before we posted! We’ve hopefully fixed everything up by now, and so without further ado, it’s time for us to answer 22 questions in a post that hopefully isn’t too long!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award:

Tagged by Rita @ Bookish Rita


Thank the blogger who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you

Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/blog

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1. Have you ever read a book set in the place where you live?

Malka: If we’re talking New York in general, then yes. But if we’re talking the area where I grew up, not as much. I’m pretty familiar with all the areas that are mentioned when a character is in New York City, but that’s a more recent development since I go to college there.

Chana: Well I’m from NYC, so a lotttt of books take place here. BUT. If we’re talking specific neighborhoods, my neighborhood has been featured in The Throne of Fire and was mentioned in The Trials of Apollo. (If you’re a super sleuth you can technically figure out where I live, but it’s a pretty slim chance). Also! Just to incriminate myself a bit more, my neighborhood is mentioned a bunch in Let My Hear a Rhyme, so that was super fun. 

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2. Do you often read translated books (that is, a book not originally written in English and/or your mother tongue)?

Malka: I have read a few. I choose all my books based on interest, so I don’t go looking for translated works, but I have ended up reading a few translated books that I’ve enjoyed!

Chana: I don’t generally go looking for translated books. But I’m a huge fan of both Fredrik Bakman and Cornelia Funke’s books. Both of whose books were originally written Swedish and Russian respectively. 

3. What is your favorite book trope?

Malka: All the romance tropes! Enemies to lovers, fake dating, friends to lovers! Just the thought of a combination of the 3 makes me swoon. 

Chana: I don’t know if this is technically a trope, but poor orphaned/troubled character turns out to be either rich/royal/powerful. It’s incredibly predictable but I can’t get enough of it. 

4. What genre will you *never* read?

Malka: Horror or thrillers! I am a huge scaredy-cat. I will never purposefully try to scare myself. 

Me anytime someone recommends a horror/thriller

Chana: I’m pretty open to reading most things, but I guess I would never read Erotica?

5. Where do you get your books from?

Malka: THE LIBRARY! I buy very few of my books, and usually only after I’ve read them. Once I’m buying them, it’s usually a split between Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with some independent book stores thrown in once in a while. 

Chana: I borrow at least 100 books each year from my digital library and onto my kindle. I also borrow a bunch of books from my friends and relatives and love going to shop in used and independent bookstores. 

6. Have you ever lent a book to a friend and then not gotten it back?

Malka: No? At the very least, I don’t remember this ever happening. I am holding some of Chana’s books, hostage, though. Oops.

Chana: Yesss, this has happened a few times to me. (Don’t worry Malka, I’m not talking about you). I lend books to a slew of cousins and friends so I don’t even really remember what books I’ve lent out? I was speaking to Malka about this the other day and at this point, I just replace the empty spaces in my shelves with new books and end up panicking when people return stuff and I have no space to put them. 

7. What stories/books did you grow up reading?

Malka: The Boxcar Children, Harry Potter, Roald Dahl. Those books were foundational to my reading journey.

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Chana: Harry Potter (of course). My parents also bought me a huge set of about 20 classics that I just plowed through and reread a billion times as a kid. 

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8. Be candid: what’s your most controversial book opinion?

Malka: Spin-off series are the worst. I also don’t like ended series getting continued. I’m planning on writing a whole post about why I feel this way because I fell like I’m the minority here. 

Chana: Hmmmmm, I don’t really know what’s considered controversial? But I don’t like it when on the back of books people compare one book to a totally different popular book. 

9. Do you tend to read more female or male writers?

Malka: Female for sure! I think that my two most read genres, YA and romance, have a lot of female authors!

Chana: I don’t think I have a preference? I have some favorite books written by female writers, while some of my other favorites are by male writers. 

10. What is a fictional world you NEVER want to visit?

Malka: Most fantasies to be honest. I think I’m going to choose the Grishaverse for this one. For some reason, I always picture the setting of those books as dark and gloomy, which doesn’t mesh well with my mental health. So besides for having to keep myself alive from all the terrors going on, I’d be in a terrible state of mind as well!

Chana: Hahaha, all of them. But I definitely would never want to visit any dystopian worlds, here’s looking at you Panem. 

11. Choose a character to switch places with for a week!

Malka:  I’m going to be devious for this one and say June from Red, White, & Royal Blue. That way I can hang out with both Alex AND Henry! And since this isn’t a fantasy, I won’t have to worry about dying some horrible death!

Chana: I’d like to be Lavender Brown for a week. She gets to experience the fantastical wizarding world of Harry Potter without encountering any of the bad stuff. 

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The Liebster Award

Tagged by Charlotte @ Bewitching Books, Ravenous Reads


Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to their blog, and display the award.

Answer 11 questions they asked you.

Come up with your own 11 questions

And lastly, tag some bloggers!

1. What book(s), series or author(s) do you think is really underappreciated?

Malka: For some reason, my mind automatically jumps to all the middle-grade books I’ve read whenever I see this question! I’m going to go with Savvy by Ingrid Law. I love how magical and vivid this series is! 

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Chana: I read pretty mainstream books, but recently I read Unstoppable Moses, which was really good despite having only 128 ratings on Goodreads. 


2. If you could have any mythical creature as a pet or companion which would it be?

Malka: After reading Sorcery of Thorns, I kind of want a demon, which is sort of weird to say, but I’m sticking with it.

Chana: Maybe a tanuki? Because they’re small and cute and can shapeshift which is pretty cool.

3. What do you think your greatest strength or talent is?

Malka:  I’m really good at overreacting. I’ve had lots of experience. I guess this means I’m talented at dramatics?

Chana: I’m not what you would call a “talented” person, and I most definitely can’t choose what my greatest mediocre trait is. But I’m pretty okay at baking. 

4. Which two books do you think would make the best crossover if tied together?

Malka: I hate changing canon so much! I do think that Nimona and Carry On would make a pretty good cross-over. I got really similar vibes from both books and I think it would be relatively simple to mash-up the two worlds.

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Chana: I think The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Cruel Prince would go great together. Probably because they’re both written by Holly Black and are all about the fey and stuff? 

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5. What fictional character would you hate to have as an enemy?

Malka: Any of the ones that will actually follow through on their hatred with action. I don’t want to die!

Chana: Honestly, I would hate to have anyone as an enemy. Enemies are the worst such a nuisance. If I’d have to choose a definite one, Artemis Fowl would probably make a pretty bad enemy. 

6. What’s a food or drink that you really dislike?

Malka: Hmmm, I actually can’t think of anything I don’t eat, besides for what Chana mentioned off the top of my head. But I do have some opinions on food that horrify people, so why not share those instead. Caramel is overrated. There. I said it. In moderation it can be okay, I guess, but in general, I don’t see the appeal.

Chana: I’ll eat most things, and am generally not picky at all, but I can’t stand papaya. 

7. If you could only read books by three authors for a year, which ones would you choose?

Malka: Rainbow Rowell because obviously. Maggie Stiefvater because her books are great on re-read and I’d want to read anything new she comes out with. And James Patterson, not because I care about his books so much as I know I’d have plenty to choose from throughout my year!

Chana: I’m just going to pick authors that have published multiple books. I would read books by Terry Brooks, Patrick Ness, and…Brigid Kemmerer. 

8. If you could study anything what would it be?

Malka: Honestly, I want to study all the things! I’m studying biomedical engineering, but I’m also fascinated by most topics I’ve encountered. I’d like to learn the science and history behind random everyday things to put it most broadly!

Chana: If I wasn’t studying Mechanical Engineering, I’d probably want to study Classical Archeology. I love history, and being able to dig up ancient civilizations and discover first hand how people were a few thousand years ago is something I find absolutely fascinating. 

9. Which singer or group, alive or dead, would you love to see performing live?

Malka: I think I consistently like Imagine Dragon songs the most. But honestly, I think I’d prefer having a concert where all the songs from my favorite playlist are played by the correct artist. When I’m rich and famous I’ll arrange for this to happen.

Chana: Oooh,  I’d love to see AJR perform live! I really enjoy their music and I’ve heard that their live shows are fantastic. 

10. If you could visit anywhere in the world at any point in time when and where would it be?

Malka: I think I’m mostly just interested in the present or the future. I’d probably use this ability as an instant travel method. That way I can easily visit Hawaii, Australia, Italy, and all the other countries on my bucket list without any hassle, at whatever time works best for me. 

Chana: I would love to visit one of the points in time where historians are still unsure about what happened. Like the princes in the Tower of London or to see what actually happened to Anastasia. 

11. If you could send one book character into a different story who would you send, where and why? E.g. sending Hermione Granger into The Cruel Prince so that you could see her interacting with Cardan.

Malka: Chana’s answer will beat mine every time, so I’m not even going to attempt to answer this one.

Chana: I’d send Simon or Baz into Fangirl just to see Cath’s head explode. 

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Our 11 Questions:

1. Which book have you reread the most times?

2. Favorite cookie?

3. Share a bookish childhood memory with us

4. What’s your favorite bookish trope?

5. Do you eat while you read?

6. Bookmark or dogear?

7. What book or series do you see everywhere but don’t plan on reading?

8. If you could go on a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and what book would you bring along?

9. If you could rewrite one scene of any book which book and scene would you choose?

10. What are 3 of the songs you’ve been playing on repeat recently?

11. What genre do you rarely read, but still enjoy?

We know 11 answers are a better fit for a blog post, but we hope you’ll still answer a few of the questions we’ve come up within the comments!

Screenshot (25)

What answer surprised you the most? Is there a genre you won’t ever read? What food or drink do you really dislike? And of course, what are some of your answers to the questions listed above?


25 thoughts on “Get to Know Us! The Sunshine and Liebster Blogger Awards

  1. I do love me a good book tag and blogger award. I’m laughing at the idea of Simon and Baz in Fangirl, that would be so much fun. My favourite bookish trope will always be fake dating and fake relationships in general. I’m a sucker for them everytime. I can’t help it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad! I was a little worried this post would be too long! I totatlly agree with you about Simon and Baz in Fangirl which is why I didn’t even attempt to top it! Fake relationships are amazing because they usually mask a true relationship underneath, and the levels of denial characters manage to achieve is hilarious. They’ll be like, “Yes he bought me a house and knows all my little quirks and does everything he can to make me happy, BUT WE’RE NOT DATING! Why would you even think that?”


    1. Thank you! Yeah, fantasy and dystopians don’t exactly provide the safest environments for a visit! And it’s always so great to find that other people read the same childhood books as you! Now I talk about everything I read on the online community, but as a kid I didn’t really have anyone to share my favorite books with!


  2. ok, this post is calling me out because i’ve been tagged in the sunshine blogger award three times, and two times for the liebster award. I should really combine them like you two did! also, it’s genius to transport baz and simon to Fangirl. Like you would be granting ever book lover’s dream!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh just you wait! We’ve been tagged for the Versatile Blogger Award 3 times already that’s how behind we are! We decided that if we didn’t combine some tags they’d never get done, so this post may be a bit long, but at least we answered them in full! And isn’t Chana’s answer such genius?? I didn’t even try to top such brilliance!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed reading this and finding out more about you!! The Boxcar Children were MY CHILDHOOD: I used to pretend that they were my friends and we would go on trips and stuff. 😂😂😂 it was a Time, I’m telling you!! And I’m reading through Harry Potter right now for the first time, so that’s fun too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amazing questions! Here are my answers to a few :
    I’ve probably reread A Court of Mist and Fury the most times / I only ever use a bookmark and if I don’t have one, I use a clean tissue / my earliest childhood memory is probably going for a walk in the bush with my dad / I’ve been listening to Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex, Hello Seattle by OwlCity and Truth Hurts by Lizzo
    -Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! I’m so excited to see that you actually looked at the questions! I honestly didn’t think anyone would even bother to look at them!

      ACOMAF makes for such an amazing reread! I have specific chapters from that one that I reread constantly even when I don’t have time for the full book! I am the same way! I always take 43 bookmarks with me wherever I go, and the one time I forgot I just used a note-card I had lying around. That’s such a cute childhood memory! 💕 I apparently have not been on top of my music game because I don’t think I’ve listened to any of those! I need to fix that! 🎵

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Awwww I loved all of your answers!! ❤️❤️❤️ YES!! To Rainbow Rowell and making Cath’s head explode!! I also love your instant travel idea using that ability. You’d never have to take time off to take a vacation!! I love the romance tropes enemy to lover and friend to lover. I also love cross dressing for some strange reason. hahaha And YAY for the library. I get most of my non-ARCs there too and find it makes me have stronger opinions as I didn’t sink money into the book before hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Enemy to lovers is something that I can read for agesss, and I never realized but same about being harsher with library books! When I invest in a book, I give it more leeway because I know I’m going to stick with it for a while, so libraries really are the best.


  6. Ahhh such fun answers to fun questions!! My favorite trope is definitely the found family trope 😊 I think my most reread books are Harry Potter and The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. And some songs I’ve been listening to a lot are “Prophet” by King Princess, “Chocolate” by The 1975, and “Monster” by dodie 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess, I love the found family trope!! And omg, Goose Girl is such a throwback, I loved Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy books. I have to listen to Monster! I’ve been following Dodie for a while, but for some reason, I’ve never heard the song.


  7. Ahh I love all of your answers to these questions! I’m a big fan of all the romance tropes, especially the enemies, fake dating and friends to lovers tropes as well ❤ and I'd LOVE to be able to instant-travel, this would be the dream haha, I'd love to visit Australia someday ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for mentioning me and sorry for taking so long to see this post (I stayed away from my blog for longer than I meant to).

    I loved reading all of your answers to both sets of questions. I feel rather stupid for not realizing that Cornelia Funke’s books are translated, although maybe I would have if I’d read them yet (they’ve been on my TBR for a while). I also seem to read more books by female writers although it’s not intentional, they just seem to write a lot of what I like.

    I haven’t heard of either of your unappreciated books so I’ll have to look them up. And I definitely agree that Artemis Fowl would make a bad enemy, he’s much too smart. I actually considered James Patterson too when I thought of the question as he has so many different books to choose from. And I love Chana’s answer to the travel question; I’d never have thought of it but it’s fantastic and would be so informative and interesting.

    I’ve probably re-read either Harry Potter of the Mediator series the most times. I don’t know if I have a favourite cookie but I guess it’s probably either chocolate chip or raspberry and white chocolate. I see American Gods a lot but don’t really plan on reading it as I couldn’t get into the show and I’d rather pick up another Neil Gaiman book first. And song wise lately I’ve listened to To be Human by Marina, Killer Queen by Queen and The Other Side from The Greatest Showman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! Thank you for tagging us! Welcome back to the world of blogging!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed reading through all our answers! And I’ve actually read some of Cornelia Funke’s work, but didn’t realize it was translated until Chana mentioned it! Also, I know her biggest work is probably the Inkheart series, but my favorite book of hers is actually The Thief Lord!

      I’m so glad you asked us to share an underappreciated book! I love Savvy so much and would love if someone read it because of this post!

      I don’t think I’ve ever had a raspberry and white chocolate cookie but it sounds delicious and I now really want to try one! I’d highly recommend Good Omens as a Neil Gaiman book, in part because the TV show is so fantastic! I actually haven’t listened to any of those songs before, although it’s possible I’ve heard The Other Side without realizing it because I’ve heard a lot of The Greatest Showman soundtrack before.

      I’m so glad you decided to answer some of our questions at the end! They were such fun to write and I was so excited to see some responses!


  9. Thank you (:

    Oh really? That makes me feel slightly better about it :L I don’t think I’ve heard of that one so I’ll have to look it up. I do want to read her latest one though – Pan’s Labyrinth. I know it’s based on a film but I actually know nothing about that film somehow :L

    Yes that would be great (: It’s nice to hear about the books that don’t get mentioned much.

    I hope you get a chance to one day then. I also love white chocolate and cranberry but I can only ever find those around Christmas :L I’ll have to check it out then. I do want to try another of his books but never know which to go for. I do keep hearing good things about it though. I love that soundtrack and mocie in general tbh.

    Aww I’m glad you liked getting some answers (: it’s quite fun trying to think up different questions.

    Liked by 1 person

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