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When I went to BookCon this year, I wasn’t on the lookout for the newest Kasie West book. In fact, I had only glimpsed at the synopsis maybe once before. But when I saw Maybe This Time displayed for the taking, I couldn’t help but snag a copy for myself, and I’m so glad I did!

I also just want to give a shoutout to the beautiful cover and overall design of the book. I loved how thoroughly the flower theme was incorporated, and although I read an ARC, I’ve seen the finished copy in person and it is a thing of beauty!

But I’m going to be honest when I say that I didn’t have the highest expectations for Maybe This Time. While I really enjoyed Kasie West’s earlier books, her most recent ones have mostly disappointed me. But I was hopeful that this book would break that streak of disappointments. And it certainly did!

This book follows Sophie, an aspiring fashion designer, who works for the town’s florist and is therefore involved in all the big events taking place throughout the year. Unfortunately for her, this means lots of interactions with Andrew Hart, the son of a celebrity chef that’s come to her town for just one year to help cater events. The two don’t get off to a great start, and they only have 9 events to change things between them.

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The premise had me really hooked, and I really liked how it was executed! The book is split into 9 parts, each centering around an event and the flowers that Sophie uses at said event. I thought it was really clever because it focuses the story well, but still allows for a well-paced story that flows nicely. I found it really impressive how easily you were able to follow the story, even when some time had passed between events. There was never an issue of info-dumping to get you up to speed!

This story is obviously all about the characters and their interactions, and I had so much fun reading about everyone. To start with I loved seeing Andrew and Sophie’s banter and watching their relationship progress through its ups and downs. And the side characters were really great as well! Since it’s a small town, you meet recurring characters that pop up throughout events and it was a lot of fun to have them sprinkled in throughout the book. Sophie’s best friend Micah is a constant at all of these events and I loved her part in the story. I also appreciated how we got to see different sides of Sophie’s mother throughout that really helped showcase her character growth.

My one complaint is that I would have liked the romance to have started a little earlier, but I was happy with the friendship between these two, so it didn’t bother me too much.

Overall, this was a cute contemporary that I really enjoyed. I flew through this book and although it’s not my favorite Kasie West, I would still definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for something short and sweet.

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Do you tend to enjoy Kasie West’s books? Have you read this one? Do you want to? What are some other cute books you read recently?


31 thoughts on “Review of Maybe This Time

  1. Great review! ❤

    I've read a couple Kasie West books, and so far from what I've read she writes solid contemporaries that give me summer vibes, with cute romances and lots of fluff. I'm glad you enjoyed this, it seems to fit in with the mold of other books I've read by this author!! (Not really in a bad way, even though it sounds like that, lol.)

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  2. I actually do enjoy West’s novels a lot. I like how they’re cute and really feel-good. Perfect for the summer time! I do wish her romances developed earlier, as you with this one.
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

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  3. Katie West seems to be a hit or miss author for me, so I tend to reserve her books for library reads, just in case I can’t finish it. Glad to hear that the story flowed well and that there wasn’t lots of info-dumping – that sucks when it happens!
    -Emma 🙂

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    1. I hear that! I started buying her books after I loved her first few, but I was more hesitant with her recent releases. Since this was an ARC, I didn’t have to worry about spending money on a book I didn’t like. And I’m really happy that the story flowed nicely as well! I needed a quick read when I picked this book up!

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  4. You know, even my least favorite KWest book was a good read for me, and this one sounds really wonderful. It’s funny, that you wanted more of the romance, because that was really my only complaint in her last few books. The love interests were fabulous and the romance was adorable, but I wanted more of it.

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    1. I feel like she’s a staple contemporary author! It was a lot of fun! It didn’t focus as much on the fashion aspect as I expected, but it was definitely a big part of the book. And the characters really shined in this book! Which is really good for such a character driven story!

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  5. ah, you make this book sound so cute!! i’m so here for more enemies to lovers and the fact that this follows a florist at her events sounds amazing! I’ve sadly only read one book by this author, but I should really change that because it seems like she comes out with a wide array of cute contemporary every year!


  6. Wonderful review! ❤ I'm so happy you enjoyed this one, it sounds like such a lovely read. I only read one Kasie West book so far -the distance between us- and I remember really enjoying it and telling myself I will have to read more of her stories and… well, you know the story, it's years later and my TBR is bigger day by day and… I haven't read a thing haha. Still, definitely planning on reading that one! 😀

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    1. Thank you! 💕 It was a really cute, fast read, which was exactly what I needed at the moment! I thought The Distance Between Us was really cute, although I read it quite a few years ago! But I definitely understand the feeling of meaning to read a book or author and then time gets the best of you, and it’s 3 years later and you still haven’t read what you intended! 😂

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  7. I haven’t read any Kasie West in so long but this book sounds really cute. I think I definitely want to check it out if I can. I get your minor complaint about the romance starting sooner, but it seems like the book was done well enough that the romance being a bit slower might have made sense for the story,

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    1. It was definitely cute! And I guess the slow romance made sense, but I always appreciate when a couple doesn’t wait to the very end of the book to get together. I like seeing a relationship develop once the couple is already together as well, and we don’t really get that in this one. It’s definitely more of a me thing than a fault of the book though! I hope you enjoy reading it!


      1. Omg that’s actually amazing to hear because that’s the one that calls to me most! I do like the sound of On The Fence too though and Love, Life And The List. I know that last one is one of her more recent ones but something about the plot appeals to me.

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