A Few of My Favorite Things

Whenever I meet new people, the question of, “What do you like to do in your free time?” often comes up. And I obviously answer that with, reading. I like reading. What’s the automatic follow up question to this? “Oh, cool beans, so what’s your favorite book?”

Cue panic. My brain stops functioning. There’s a couldn’t complete connection sign at the forefront of my vision, a little Error 404 going on. My mind goes blank, and I cannot for the life of me remember any book that I have ever read. I probably read at least 2 books within the week, but I can’t remember the titles of those either. I can barely recall what language I speak. Do I enjoy religious lit, or poetry? What exactly is YA? Out loud however, I say, “Oh you know. It’s hard to choose.”

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Internally whenever someone asks what my favorite book is

After this happened one too many times, I decided to sit back and reflect and actually get to the bottom of this. Why don’t I have a favorite book? Or if I do, why does it flee my mind every time I’m asked this fateful question?

My first theory is that I can’t choose a favorite book, because there are SO MANY BOOKS THAT I LOVE!! Like right now I can list at least 5, across a variety of genres and age ranges. But, unless otherwise prompted, my current favorites always seem to be among the most recent 15 books that I’ve read. This doesn’t mean that the book that I love that I read 10 years ago is any less my favorite. It just means that it’s not as fresh in my mind so I obviously forgot about it completely.

Me, @ every other book on my shelf

I’ve also noticed that depending on the person who I’m talking to, I might talk about a different favorite of mine. When asked I’ll probably mention a favorite of mine that I know that person would be able to relate to, or one that they might have heard of.

If I’m speaking to somebody I know reads YA, I’ll talk about a current YA favorite I have. If I’m talking to someone who I know reads mostly mysteries, I’ll probably talk about my favorite John Grisham book. I feel like when somebody asks you what your favorite book is, they’re trying to do two things. One, they’re trying to get to know you. And two, they’re trying to start a conversation.

If I know that the person I’m talking to hates thrillers and horrors, I’m not going to mention a book that I liked that was a thriller or horror. Because nothing is more awkward than hearing that someone thinks your favorite book sucks.

Another reason that I’m not able to pick a favorite is that I’m super indecisive, and I can’t force myself to choose just one. I loved how well written To Kill a Mockingbird was. I really enjoyed the twistyness of The Firm. I couldn’t get over how hilarious Red, White, & Royal Blue was. I was obsessed with how magical and epic The Wishsong of Shannara was. And I was in awe of the wittiness in The Lies of Locke Lamora. How can I choose a singular favorite when there are so many fantastic books out there??

The ones I  listed above are just 5 of my favorites, but I’ve come to realize that I have hundreds! There are so many books out there, I don’t see why I have to limit myself to loving one book or genre. In the past, when people used to ask me about my favorite genre I always answered with fantasy. But I’ve learned that I also really like contemporary! And there are a lot of books that are Sci-Fi/Fantasy that I like more than Fantasy.

The fact of the matter is, there are so many amazing books out there, it doesn’t make any sense to limit ourselves to just one. Have ten, twenty, or two million favorites, and it’ll be okay. Maybe the next time somebody asks me what my favorite book is, I’ll just start listing all of them out. It’ll most definitely take a while, but I wouldn’t want to leave anything out.


Do you have any favorite books? Or are you like me and absolutely cannot pick a favorite?



24 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. It is so hard to pick a favourite because I have a favourite in nearly every genre! Or a favourite by author! There are just too many to pick from, that I want to pick all of them! Great post as always!
    -Emma 🙂

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  2. YES, I relate so much to this!🙌🏼I normally end up doing what you said and saying a book that I think the person will know about and can start a conversation about. Usually that ends up Harry Potter, which I do love, so it’s technically true?? But if I was talking to a book blogger then I might give a more specific book title, like List of Cages or Girls of Paper and Fire. 😉 Wonderful post!

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  3. Ahhh this is way too relatable. I can’t ever pick a favorite book either and, when people ask, I often answer with the latest favorite read, because it’s the one on the top off my mind as well ahah, but….I just couldn’t ever pick one. There are so many books I love! 😀

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    1. Right?? It’s like I feel like I’m doing an injustice to all the other fantastic books out there by just choosing one favorite 😂😂 My only issue with picking my recent favorites as my favorites when asked it that when I’m filling out tags I just keep on choosing the same book over and over again 😂

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  4. Fantastic post! I agree that favourites are hard to pick when there are so many wonderful books out there. I can’t even really pick a favourite genre; my instinct is to say YA fantasy but then I really love some YA thrillers and adult thrillers and supernatural books too. Plus there are other genres that I want to start reading more so picking one feels rather limiting.

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    1. I feel like choosing a favorite genre is soooo limiting! Even when I sometimes go super general and say YA, I feel like I’m not really telling the truth since I do have some favorite books that are NA, Adult, or even Middle Grade. I might just start answering that I like everything 😅

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      1. Yes exactly, I feel the same way because, like you, I like ones that fit all of those categories and I don’t even feel like I could just vaguely say supernatural books either as I really love some books that contain no magical or supernatural elements whatsoever.

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  5. It’s too funny but when someone asks me my favorite book I would totally lose my entire just read list too! It just empties from my head and I’m left grasping… That is until I read my first Laura Weymouth book The Light Between Worlds and now I can safely say that to YA readers, adult readers, fantasy, contemporary! It’s such a great book and kind of sits on a crossroads of a bunch of genres that its perfect for the question. Of course I have tons of other favorites but yeah now I have an answer ready. 😉 Such a relatable post Chana!!

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    1. I love books that are like that!! I feel like the best books transcend genres because that way they aren’t limited and a variety of age groups is open to reading them. And yes, what is up with the forgetting all possible answers the second someone asks you a question?? 😂 I usually just stare blankly at the asker and shrug.

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  6. I can completely relate to this aaah. Anytime someone asks me what my favourite ____ is, everything about my life disappears in my brain. What is a book, tv show? I’ve never heard of those. I think it’s because I have too many favourite, because I watch a lot and read a lot. For example, it doesn’t happen with video games because I haven’t played that many. I definitely have favourite books, but it’s such a long list … That was such a great post! ♥

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  7. I’m sooo indecisive and I struggle to choose most of the time 😬 but surprisingly I have come to terms that I have a favorite book! It think it’s a miracle haha 😂

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      1. * high fives you back* I think the best solution would be to let us the time to write a whole list…😂 It is Just One Day by Gayle Forman! It’s a story about losing yourself to find yourself again, mixed with traveling, Shakespeare and love 🥰


  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who chokes up at this question. Actually, in the past year or so I’ve just settled on the Unwind Series by Neal Shusterman as my favorite. It definitely tops the list, and I like having a go-to answer in my head, even if there are a hundred other “favorites” that could be right there with it for various reasons.

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  9. Pfft, favourites are overrated. But honestly, I hate the favourite book question because who picks just one? I normally end up saying Harry Potter to most people because they’ll know that series right? Yeah, I hate some of the choice JKR has made since wrapping the series and yeah the series has flaws, but it’s good. But a fellow blogger asking me? I’ll list like 20 books and say that’s just for starters. I do notice I’m more likely to mention a more recent read than older ones too. I might need to create a more definitive list.

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    1. Same! In my head, I separate the series from all of JKR’s retconning tweets 😂 Like for me, the JKR that wrote Harry Potter and the JKR on twitter are two different people.

      There are just so many books to love! But I have realized that the good thing about listing a recent read as a favorite is that if it’s a book that just came out or is soon to come out, you can encourage more people to buy it 😂


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