My Need to Reread

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So I’ve finally found time in my life to blog again! Yay! And of course, as soon as I had time to write, my mind completely blanked on what I could write about. So I decided to think about what I was currently reading and if there was anything I could work with there, when it hit me! I am currently reading 3 books from 1 series at the same time because I have a problem. So let’s discuss.

I know I’m not alone in my issue of forgetting everything that happened in a series by the time the next installment comes out, but I feel like most people just accept their forgetfulness and read the next book. But not I. I insist on rereading the entire series through each and every time a new book comes out.

Now, this is just as ridiculous as you’re imagining. Because a series can be 12 books long, and I will have to reread 11 books before getting to the final 12th book in a series. Which leads us into the situation I’m in now. I’m currently rereading the Throne of Glass series in preparation for Kingdom of Ash. But the way I’ve handled in this year is a bit messier than usual.

See, I’m busy in general, so it’s not just the blog that’s been thrown to the wayside. My reading life has taken a toll too. And so just a few days ago I finished Throne of Glass itself. But at the same time I’ve also been rereading the prequels in The Assassin’s Blade. I’m now only 100 pages into the second book, Crown of Midnight. And then On October 23rd, when Kingdom of Ash released, I got so excited that I decided to forget about the reread, buy the book, and start reading it immediately. I got 13 pages in before I recognized that the confusion I felt now would only get worse and that I should just continue my reread as per usual.

But this means I’m now quite likely to get spoiled. It also means that I’ve reread Throne of Glass  about 4 times now. And it means that all other books get pushed to the side until I’ve finished reading 5000 pages worth of one series, most of which I’ve already read at least once before.

But I can’t seem to think of a better method. The only changes I can think to make are maybe to plan my reread farther in advance, that way I don’t end up rereading the series once the next book is released like I’m doing now.

The one time I didn’t reread the series beforehand was for Blood of Olympus, the last book in the Hero of Olympus series,, and while I didn’t love the ending of that series, I’ll never know how much of that had to do with the fact that I didn’t do my usual reread beforehand

So I guess this is all to say that I have a rereading problem. And that I’m aware of it. But I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. I think my best bet is actually just not to start series until there are only 1 or two books left, that way if I like them I don’t have to go through the yearly rereading struggle.


How do you deal with forgetting the first part of a series? Do you do rereads like this? Do you have any suggestions for the insanity that is my reading life right now?


10 thoughts on “My Need to Reread

  1. UGH this is such a struggle! I usually just… hope for the best? I used to reread, but that was when I had much more time. Now, I try to find a review on Recaptains or something, and if not, I cross my fingers that the author fills me in. But it IS a struggle, because I so often forget! I wish I had more useful suggestions for you! I hope you enjoy Kingdom of Ash!

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    1. Just knowing there’s someone out there that feels my pain makes me feel better. I definitely think time is a factor in my ability to rereads. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO AS YOU GET OLDER!?! And thanks so much! I hope I love it too once I get around to it!


  2. Ugh – I feel you! Honestly, I am not a fan of rereading. Mainly because it just takes up too much time and then I don’t have reviews to post and I’m not making progress on reading ALL the books. So, I dislike it for those reasons and they weigh heavily on me. However, like you I have a terrible memory and if I don’t reread before the latest release of a series, I will likely not enjoy that book as much as I would if I reread the previous books. Argh – I hate it! And it doesn’t help that I’m a slow AF reader who barely has any spare time these days.

    I have seriously considered just not reading any series books until the entire series has been released. I haven’t been able to commit to this, because it’s impossible, but I have really considered it!

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    1. I don’t mind rereading, but having to reread an entire series at a specific time is not always ideal. My schedule rarely allows for me to match up my reread with a book’s release date. And like you said, rereads take time. Rereading a 5 book series can take up a month, especially if I’m reading other books at the same time.

      I honestly want to start the no uncompleted series thing, but then the idea of committing to a whole series scares me. So really there’s just no good answer.


  3. I can’t manage full rereads. I either find a synopsis or do a quick skim reread of previous books. (This works better than you’d think. I tend to pick up the details I need to remember without putting myself through a full reread.) Occasionally I’ll reread via audiobook because that feels more like “free” time to me (since I’m either in the car or doing other stuff while I read). The pain is real!

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  4. I love Recaptions! Well, I love the Recaptions of the Raven Cycle written by Maggie Stiefvater herself. Otherwise I get too scared that the Recaptions will miss an important detail. But I really should try it one time to see if my fears hold any truth.

    And rereads are the best! When I’m having a really tough day, a lot of times I’ll reach to reread a favorite.


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