Binge Reading

Generally, binging has a negative connotation since you’re doing something in excess. In the case of binge eating, it’s understood that you’re only meant to eat a certain amount, so binging=👎. When it comes to reading though, is it possible to actually binge? I mean, is there such thing as too much reading?

I say, no. No such thing. Read all the books.

Now, I am a chronic binge reader. I will pick up a book, finish it in one sitting, then move on to the next one immediately. My brain goes into a manic reading mode in which I plow through books. Nothing can stop me! Eating, sleeping, and all types of human interaction become unimportant and obsolete. Why bother doing anything when I only have x amount of pages left to the book? (I say x because the number can be anywhere from 3-300).

You might think that after I accomplish my goal and finish the book all goes back to normal.

Well you’re wrong.

My binging does not stop at one book. Once I’ve built up momentum, there’s no way I can just stop! I just move on to the next book. And then the next book. And to all the next books, until a greater force (read: responsibilities, friends, concerned parents) comes to stop me.

*When people see how I spend my weekend*

One of the reasons that I binge read is because I’m such a procrastinator that even when I have absolutely nothing else to do, I won’t read the book that I’ve been meaning to read. I’ve just got an inert instinct that says NO. DON’T DO SCHEDULED THING. Which sucks, because I could be reading so much more. But that’s when binge reading swoops in to save the day! Aided by the friendly neighborhood urge to binge read I can still manage to read 3-4 books a week. Which is not too shabby.

Do I wish that I could just pick up a book during the week and read it like a normal person? Sometimes. Especially when the books I want to finish are E-books. (My binge reading is reserved solely for paper copies of books). I guess I just have to train myself to use my free time more efficiently. Or something responsible like that.


What are your thoughts on binge reading? Is it a pastime that you participate in?



10 thoughts on “Binge Reading

  1. I used to read a LOT and very fast, but this year I’ve been a lot slacker and finding it hard to concentrate.😂I say if reading gives you joy then what on earth is wrong with that?! But I’m opposite and often find I get through ebooks quite faster? Although I prefer physical so I still pick them every time.😂

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    1. So ebook wise I do think I get through faster in terms of time, but recently it’s become so hard for me to actually pick up an ebook because staring at the screen just makes my eyes get all weird 😂😂. I don’t really take out physical library books so this has just led me to buy lots of books (bc they’re pretty and I love them and I’m a bit of a hoarder).


  2. What an interesting concept! I’ve never thought much about it as, “binge reading.” Honestly, I think that it isn’t a bad thing, but just like anything else, moderation is key. If the only thing a person does all day every day is read and they don’t do anything else, have no life outside of that, then I would say it’s bad. But binge reading on occasion is not bad in and of itself.

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  3. My reading has slowed down a bit recently because I tend to read mostly in my breaks, and then for half an hour or so before I go to bed, so it’s more in little chunks. But I like on the weekends when I’m having a lazy day to go on a huge binge, where I pretty much read an entire book in one sitting! It’s just think it’s so much easier to immerse yourself in the book when you get to spend a longer period of time reading.
    And I love binging book series, where I read one after the other. That way I don’t forget what’s happened in the last book, and if I’m doing that, then that definitely means I’m loving the series!
    I definitely think binge reading is a good type of binging!
    Great post! 🙂

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