The Summer Book Tag

It’s about halfway through summer which makes it the perfect time to post this Summer Book Tag that we found on Read Rant Rock and Roll. We had a lot of fun with this one, but we were too lazy to link the covers to Goodreads (there are many, many covers). We’ll blame the laziness on the summer lull, and you won’t be able to prove otherwise till September. *insert manic laugh here* Anywho… Enjoy the tag!

What book cover makes you think of summer?

Ooooh. So many! Since I tend to think of bright, colorful things as summery I’m going to have to go with both Nicola Yoon books (2-in-1 Yay!) Immediately after seeing this question those 2 books popped into my head.

So I’m just gonna go with one book cover. Gosh, Malka, read the rules. 😉 The cover to Scumble, by Ingrid Law sort of reminds me of summer. Messy, a kid running, green grass, and reddish hills, very summer-esque.

Read Savvy first, then read Scumble. Both are wonderful books.


What book has brightened your day?

Ooooooh. I’m gonna quickly insert Soppy which is currently on our Recommended Reads page of the blog. SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! As for something that hasn’t already been shouted about…. Most recently I absolutely adored The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. It made me so happy and every time I put it down I couldn’t wait to get back to it. 

The Kiss Quotient

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Alire Saenz was super cute. If at anytime I reach for a reread I’m sure that it’ll brighten my day all over again.

Aristotle and Dante

Find a book cover with yellow on it.

First book that pops into mind is The Beginning of Everything by Robin Schneider. That book is glaringly yellow. Unfortunately that book was a let down for me. I felt it was a mash up of so many other books I’ve read. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson is a yellow covered graphic novel that not only has a super awesome exterior, but the inside is beautifully illustrated (and written) as well.

The cover of the one I have is blue.

You must have the paperback Beginning of Everything then. I have the hardcover.

This is Chana’s. It is decidedly not yellow.

The Beginning of Everything Blue

After a glance at my bookshelf the first book I see with yellow on the cover is Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee. If you liked To Kill a Mockingbird, my suggestion is to not read this one. Though it is honest, and true to the attitudes of the people during the time period at which it takes place in, it’s heartbreaking how the beloved characters from the first book seem to have changed over time.

Go Set a Watchman

What is your favorite summer beach read?

I don’t really leave the house much, so I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a book on the beach. However, to answer the question, I think that any Kasie West book is a perfect outdoorsy read. The most summery ones that I’d recommend would probably be Lucky in Love or P.S. I Like You even though those aren’t my faves. Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett also gives me quite the summery vibe.

I feel like any paperback Sophie Kinsella book would be apropos for a day out on the beach. Something like, I’ve Got Your Number, or Can You Keep a Secret?

What action book had you running for the ice cream man?

I apparently haven’t read an action book in quite some time so I’m going to go with a bit of an unconventional answer to this. Flight Risk by Jennifer Fenn is about a boy that steals planes and while the book isn’t a fast paced sort of running for your life sort of thing, I think that grand larceny counts for this question. This book is amazing and really got me thinking. Especially as it was so well written I believed it to be based on a true story. It’s not, but it’s SO UNDERRATEDLY GOOD.

Flight Risk

I’m not totally sure what this question means, but I’m just going to wing it. A super great adventure book would be…Ready Player One! That one was super fun, chock full of 80’s references that honestly, made life worth living. Zork for the win.

Ready Player One

Sunburn – What book has left you with a bad and/or painful ending?

We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan had me SO DISAPPOINTED. I absolutely adored Sarah Crossan’s One. GO READ IT! And therefore I was really excited to see how this book would go. But that ending was the absolute worst. Besides for just being awful for both the characters (WHY ARE THEY SO STUPID) it left way too many things unfinished for my liking.

We Come Apart.jpg

The end of the Ascendance Trilogy, by Jennifer A. Neilson really disappointed me. After such an epic first book it was absolutely crushing when the series seemed to go downhill. If you haven’t read the first book of the series (The False Prince) I insist that you go and read it immediately. Like at this moment. Now.

Then stop there and pretend the other two books never happened.

Sunset – What book gave you the happiest feelings when it ended?

Finding books with satisfying and happy endings is so difficult. Since I can’t repeat anything (Go look at the book that brightened my day) I think I’m gonna go with Carry On. I really like how everything tied up and was resolved, and I closed that book feeling happy even though it was over. Side note – I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT SEQUEL THOUGH! Perfect ending be damned!

Yesssssss, Wayward Son, 2020 baby!

carry on

The ending to Vicious, by V.E Schwab was epic. Like bam! Woah! Ingenious, well thought out and suuuuper satisfying. Kind of makes me dread the upcoming sequel, since I don’t want my vision of the end to be changed, but you’d have to put me in solitary confinement to stop me from reading it, so we’ll see how that goes.


What book cover reminds you of a sunset?

Since I can’t repeat and say the Sun Is Also a Star, Autoboyography has a pretty sunsetty cover. I also really liked the actual book part. Double win.


The cover to the Last Child, by John Hart reminds me of a sunset. Probably because there is a literal sunset on the cover, but who’s to know.


What is one book or series you hope to read this summer?

Sooooooooooo many. I am so behind after not reading much at all throughout college. I think currently priority is probably All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater, since I got that a year ago and still haven’t read it. But I’m not pressuring myself. I just want to read more this summer.

I actually have an enormous list of recommendations from your girl Malka, and one of the series on there that I’m excited to read is The Throne of Glass series, by Sarah J. Mass. I know that we’re the ones who are supposed to be writing the recommendations, but seriously if you guys have a book you think we should read please let me know. I’ve sort of been living under a rock bookwise for the past two to three years.

She really has.



And that’s all the questions in this tag! What book are you most excited to read this summer? Any fun summer plans? 



2 thoughts on “The Summer Book Tag

  1. Oh lovely answers, this is such a fun tag! I love your choices here, especially for the covers that remind you of sun and sunset. I can’t wait to read Autoboyography at some point, I only heard great things about it. I’m also so glad to hear you loved The Kiss Quotient, I’ve been hearing only praise about this title, it sounds like such a fun and sweet read, I can’t wait to read it 😀


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