10 Ways to Convince People to Read Your Favorite Books

Having books that you’re absolutely crazy about is not weird. In fact being absolutely slightly psychotically obsessed with a book is not strange at all. Some people are obsessed with other people (stalkers), some people are obsessed with music, and then there’s us, the people who are obsessed with books. In some cases, there may be a time in which the obsessiveness spills over a bit. It can spill over in a variety of ways, maybe my accumulation of many many fan posters for instance. Or possibly multiple (an insane amount) copies of one book. Or maybe it’ll spill over in a way that makes you try to convince (read: force) someone to read your favorite book. Obviously during such occurrences it’s hard to keep fully sane and not go completely superfan on the poor unsuspecting victim, which is why we have compiled a helpful list of the Top Ten Ways to Convince People to Read you Favorite Books.

  1. Repeatedly mention the book to them. Like all the time. Never shut up. No conversation is safe.  

  2. Keep inserting the physical book whenever you have the chance. Have it be the creepy doll that you can’t get rid of. It shows up everywhere. They check for milk? BOOM. The book.

  3. Threaten your friendship with them. Perhaps reference your friendship contract. They want to retain the honor of being your friend? They must read the book.   

  4. Bribery. Nuff said.                                                           

  5. Switch covers with a book they plan on reading. They think they’re reading Harry Potter, but really they’re reading “Insert Book Title Here.” They might say, “Huh, this really is different from the movies,” but it’ll be fine. They’ll never be the wiser.    

  6. PowerPoint. We all know how powerful those things can be. For maximum effect use slide transitions, nothing captivates an audience more than slow fade outs and pixelated flips.

    We’ve even given you a helpful video on how to create the perfect PowerPoint.


  7. Beg. I know, you never thought that you would stoop so low. But, think of it this way, if there’s anything worth giving up your dignity for, at least it was for a book.   

  8. Trade reading goals. This should only be taken as a last resort because your book choices are obviously superior to theirs. But if all else has failed, make a trade. Then double-cross them and only read their book after they’ve read yours. Or never read their book. You have much better taste.                              

  9. Okay. We’re at number 9. This means that you’re getting really desperate. You might want to hire a professional killer/kidnapper, threaten their loved ones.   

  10. Lock them in a room with the only means of escape being answering questions about the book. #EscapetheRoomReadMyBookEditon. Now they must read. Nothing else can save them now. YOU HAVE WON. If you haven’t though, there’s nothing left that can help you. All hope is lost.

We gift to you these top ten surefire ways to get someone to read your favorite book and wish you the best of luck. Yes, we know that there may be times in which the subject is especially stubborn and just refuses to read the book you suggest, so in that case we have only one tip. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Keep at it and one day you will happily be sipping coffee with that person, discussing the book you forced them to read.

Screenshot (25)

Tell us some of your favorite ways to get people to read your favorite book. Have you had any recent success stories? Which one of these options are you most likely to choose?



20 thoughts on “10 Ways to Convince People to Read Your Favorite Books

  1. Bwahahha this cracks me up! So Ummmm. I do this to people with The 100? And I used to do it with The Hunger Games, but I think everyone is pretty much caught up? I have a friend who says she hates The 100 but has only watched a couple episodes, and so I sometimes yell at her in Trigedasleng. Assault her with copious amounts of The 100 GIFs. That I made. So it’s a real problem, but your solutions are spot on! 😂(Also that YouTube video is fabulous- SO TRUE!)


  2. Haha, this is so funny! I’ll definitely know what to do now the next time someone refuses to read my favourite book! Or I’ll just show them this post and tell them this is the stages of what I’m going to do if they don’t, so unless they want to be kidnapped and locked in a room they’d best just read it! 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good plan! Let us know how it works out, I’ll admit that there’s a slight “Well that escalated quickly.” vibe to this post, but threaten-sorry I mean convincing people to read your favorite books is serious work and the people we’re trying to convince should know right away that we mean business 😁


  3. i honestly trying to convince my sister to read a book. She repeatedly denies my offer so thanks for this outstanding post. i finally have a way of making her read. i mean i have tried even begging your idea of locking her up in the room is best. i truly admired your post.


    1. Yaaay, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Honestly, that’s the only one that works for me. That or good old fashioned bribery 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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