Teaser Interview

As a short teaser to get you guys excited for the blog, we decided to interview one another. We kept it a little informal and slightly random but we hope it helps you get to know us better. Enjoy!

Chana   Malka

Hi Chana!


This is super weird



Let’s do this interview.

Loving the colour coded. Tres chic.

Well. We have to keep track somehow.


What sort of questions should we ask?

Since we’re doing a random interview, why don’t we start with your favorite baked item?

Okay this is a very unfair question, because I’m hungry. Generally I like brownies because they’re a classic, but most dairy baked goods can sway me because baked butter smells awesome.  

What about you Malka?

Wow. That was super in depth. Appreciate it. Brownies are a good one and I’m normally a huge fan of anything containing chocolate (even though I’m not the biggest fan of plain chocolate) but when push comes to shove I’m a huge cookie monster. But I will never decline a donut, so there’s that too.

Do you tend to eat when you read?


When I read it tends to be an all consuming activity in which I completely forget about things like eating or sleeping. I’m going to guess that you eat gummy bears.

Huh. Strangely I don’t. Gummy bears are mainly reserved for stressful activities, like absolutely anything related to school. In those cases I like the therapeutic feeling of biting off their heads. Since I try to use reading as a relaxing activity I mainly just end up drinking water. If I’m in a really adventurous mood there may be tea involved. But I’ll usually be cozy on my bed when reading and so moving for anything besides tissues or water is just too difficult.  

Are you picky about where you read? (I am)

I don’t think so? I can read on the train, and in classrooms, and on couches, and in parks, and on the floor, and under the table. One time I actually had to read a book under a bed since my brother refused to lend it to me and I had to sneak the reading.

Do you like horror books or are those a no-no?

That’s insanely impressive. I have difficulties reading basically anywhere that isn’t a bed… or things that can be used as such like comfy chairs. But if you’re asking about horror. Haha. No. I tend to stick away from those. I’m a huge scaredy cat so if anything has the INTENTION of scaring me I’ll stick away. If I read a book that has horror aspects but isn’t centered around that my reaction will vary. And of course there are always anomalies. But easy answer. Not a chance.

Are there any genres you stick away from?

I don’t know if this counts as a genre, but I like to stay away from super fluffy stories. The teeth rotting cotton candy romances tend to be too cliche for my likings. That isn’t to say that I would absolutely refuse to read them but it’s definitely something that I don’t seek out.

I think I might know this one, but out of all the canon romances that you’ve read which is your OTP?

You’re a cruel human being. Scratch that. YOU MONSTER! You know I love the teeth rotting super cliche rom-com romances. I actively seek them out. I even read the awful sounding ones sometimes just for kicks (I have a few to recommend if you’re looking to read something while your brain’s on vacation) but anyways. I think I know which one you think I’ll say. And yes. Cath and Levi from Fangirl would probably be a go to, but Simon and Baz from Carry On are pretty high up there too. And then there’s Feyre and Rhysand (but only from ACOMAF) so really this is a cruel and complex question and you may have inspired a very detailed post on the topic. Shame on you. Humph.

Least favorite book?

THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH. I have hated that book since I was a kid. The only explanation I have for why is that I thought it was stupid? I think I was 8 and my father bought it for me because the lady at the bookstore said that it was good, but I just thought it was dumb. Most probably because I was an opinionated 8 year old, and honestly I don’t really remember anything about the book so maybe I should try it again.

Strangest book you’ve ever read?

You’re an opinionated adult, so I don’t think time will have changed anything in that book’s favor. Hmmm. I’ve read plenty of strange books, but there’s strange good and strange bad. I’m gonna stick with a book I didn’t finish because it was too absurd for me. It’s one of those romance-y ones. But this one was terribly written and just BAD. The author was trying to show how cool, tough, and manly the love interest was, so she had him go to his neighbor’s house to wrestle with lions. How exactly this was legal or possible I have no idea. Again, ridiculous. I stopped reading after that part. As for weird that just WORKS, hmmm. OH! Probably the whole Raven Cycle. Trying to explain that book to people is always a mess because of how strange it is, but it’s great. Wow. I feel like I just keep talking. Your turn to talk, Chana.

So Malka, what would you say this blog is about?

Getting me to talk and do the hard bits. I see how it is. I’d say it’s a place for two engineers to be that love reading to have a place to procrastinate when they don’t want to do homework. Benefits include extra procrastinating, more reading, and a fun new hobby. What would you say?

You said it pretty well, but yes, lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of ranting, and lots of procrastinating. Okey doke, I guess that’s the end of this?



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